February 26, 2008

New Leaked Track: Nicole Scherzinger, "Happily Never After"

The HQ version of Nicole's "Happily Never After" track has leaked. This track has leaked before but now the album recorded version is available. The track supposidly has Ne-Yo's vocals in the background. My speakers are messed up so I'm not sure if that was him or not. I do hear a males voice in the background in some point in the song. This song is absolutely booooooooooooooooooooooooring! I was sitting here doing other things on the computer for this site and thinking, OMG shut up already. Her vocals are horrible. I hate the tone of her voice. Her tone is very weird. It's kinda scratchy and boyish. It has been reported that she will no longer work on her solo career, instead she's getting back with the Pussycat Dolls. There has been also an article that reported that she was getting back with PCD, but would still continue working on her solo album. I wonder which one is true. She should just give up the solo thing. All she is is sex appeal. Because she has such a strong look her beauty can be debatable... so it's true that looks can only get you so far. Anyway, to listen to this track, click the link below.

Nicole Scherzinger- Happily Never After

February 25, 2008

New Leaked Track: Kelly Rowland, "No Man, No Cry"

A new track by Kelly Rowland has leaked. It's titled "No Man, No Cry." I'm really feelin this song. It's a pure contemporary R&B mi-tempo joint. Her vocals are so light and young on this track. I can't believe how different her voice sounds. Because my speakers are messed up, it took me a while to realize that it was really her. This song will be one of the songs on the re-release of her albm, "Ms Kelly." I really hope Kelly can have a successful career. It's not like she doesn't have the talent. "Ms Kelly" was okay, it was a lot better than her first album. She just needs the right producer and image and she'll be just fine. Anyway, to listen to this new track, click the link below.

Kelly Rowland- No Man, No Cry

Beyonce Seen Arriving @ La Esquina With New Wig

Check out the HQ Photos of Beyonce arriving at La Esquina restaurant in New York on February 24, 2008. WTF is up with her wig??? I've never seen Beyonce with a fake ass looking wig like this. There's been plenty of times where she's been photographed with nappy wild weave but this is just over the top! With that wig, those glossy lips, and that tight outfit, she looks like she's about to work those streets! Like I said earlier today, when I posted candids of her and Jay-Z, girlfriend has no style what-so-ever. She needs someone pick out her clothes her before she goes out!

Jordin Sparks Visits "The Sauce" & TRL

Jordin Sparks visited fuse's "The Sauce" in New York City on February 25, 2008. Jordin Sparks is a cute girl, but she needs to learn how to be fun and silly without looking so akward and goofy at times.

Jordin Sparks, along with Snoop Dogg, also stopped by MTVs TRL Studios in Times Square New York on February 25, 2008.

Ne-Yo gets Arrested & Rihanna Helps Leukemia Patient Find Bone Marrow Donor

When Ne-Yo gets going, it's the sky and apparently not the speed—that's the limit. The 28-year-old hip-hop star was arrested early Tuesday in Atlanta after Cobb County police clocked his Range Rover going more than 100 mph. Police spokeswoman Cassie Reece said Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, was booked on charges of reckless driving and driving without a license and released later that day on a $1,300 bond. He's due in court Mar. 25 to answer to the charges.

She just became an honorary cultural ambassador for Barbados, and now Rihanna is advocating for another cause: a New York City leukemia patient in urgent need of a bone marrow donor. The 20-year-old singer is working with DKMS, an international donor network based in Tubingen, Germany, to try to find a donor for Lisa Gershowitz Flynn, People magazine reported on its website Saturday. "When I heard about Lisa's plight, my heart broke," Rihanna told the magazine. "I said, 'I need to get the word out about Lisa right away.'" Flynn is a 41-year-old mother of two young children. She was diagnosed in November with acute myelogenous leukemia, a fast-growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Doctors have told her she has four to six weeks to find a suitable donor, according to People. Flynn said she was stunned by the singer's efforts on her behalf. "For Rihanna to even be thinking about helping others and putting herself out there when she is so busy with her career is tremendous," Flynn said. Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was named an honorary cultural ambassador for her native Caribbean island on Thursday.

New Music Video: Rick Ross ft T-Pain, "Boss"

Check out Rick Ross' latest video, "Boss" featuring T-Pain.

February 24, 2008

Christina Milian, Ice-T, & CoCo, Attend Billboard Magazine Oscar Party, Cassie @ Rip The Runway, & Candids of Beyonce & Jay-Z

Christina Milian, Ice-T and his wife CoCo attended the Billboard Magazine and Children Uniting Nations Oscar Party on February 24, 2008 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Christina Milian looks very sophisticated and stylish. I'm not too fond of the clevage showing though. I think many females are taking the low cut thing with dresses at red carpet events too far. Ice-T's ho/wife looks trashy every time I see her. This is the classiest I've ever seen her on a red carpet event and that's not saying a damn thing. The dress could've been nice and classy if the bra didn't show and the boobs were tucked in.

Cassie attended BET's Rip the Runway 2008 at BET Studios February 21, 2008 in New York. Cassie is a beautiful girl, but that dress has got to go! The shape is too plain and square. It doesn't flatter her small figure. She also has on too much makeup. In the second pic, her face looks very fake... like she's had plastic surgery when she hasn't.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen leaving Bar Pitti restaurant in New York on February 20, 2008. WTF does Beyonce have on? It's a white T-shirt, with a rain coat, and one of those net hats ( I'm not sure of the name they just remind me of a thick net) I just don't get Beyonce. She doesn't do it for me. Her face without makeup or like here, with less makeup, is very plain and dull. She looks like any ordinary person and dresses like someone who's on a budget when she's out and about. How come Beyonce and Jay-Z are starting that distance relationship again when cameras are around. If you've noticed, we don't really hear about Beyonce and Jay-Z anymore or see pics of them. I'm sure they've been off and on like a lot of long-term relationships.

Nelly Furtado @ the 49th International Song Festival, Raven Symone Attends Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, & Lil Mama Attends Rip The Runway

Nelly Furtado performed during the 49th International Song Festival in Vina Del Mar on February 23, 2008. That dress she has on is just plain ugly. The fit is too loose and the shoes look cheap. The dress also makes her look older. It's good that she's fully covered while performing, but damn Nelly C'mon... you can still be covered without looking like someone's grandma.

Disney Actress/Singer Raven Symone attended the Essence Magazine Celebrates Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon on February 21, 2008. I love the color of the dress. It flatters her skin tone. Her hair looks nice as well.

Lil Mama attended the 2008 Rip The Runway in New York City on February 21, 2008. When Lil mama tries to dress up, she always looks like she's trying too hard. She can't rock skirts, dresses, or heels. Her face already looks old and with this conservative sophisticated outfit, it makes her look even older. That girl is petite but has got some guns! I think she should just stick with pant suits... for now anyways.

February 23, 2008

Pitbull Is Happy That His Label, TVT, Is Going Bankrupted

Rapper PITBULL is pleased his label TVT Records is in financial difficulty as it puts him "one step closer to freedom". The outspoken star real name Armando Christian Perez has publicly condemned the label in recent months, accusing bosses of hampering his blossoming music career. Pitbull launched an angry tirade against TVT, accusing the company of not doing enough to promote his album The Boatlift, and even urging his fans not to purchase the disc. And Pitbull now insists he's relieved to hear TVT has filed for bankruptcy and axed the majority of its staff. He tells AllHipHop.com, "Of course the situation is very unfortunate for the people who lost their jobs, and it's unfortunate that it came to this. "But it's a very fortunate situation for the artists. That puts us one step closer to freedom." TVT's founder and president Steve Gottlieb, who launched the label out of his New York City apartment in 1985, claims the company is downscaling all its operations but will continue to work on all of its forthcoming projects.

Nelly Furtado Speaks @ Press Conference

Nelly Furtado spoke during a press conference in the Vina del Mar International Song Festival on February 22, 2008. Her personality really shines through in the pictures. These are great pics, but she should dye her hair a medium brown. The blond is too much for her skin tone.

February 22, 2008

Jay-Z Backs Shooting Widow & Shakira To Launch Beauty Line

Rap entrepreneur SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER has pledged his high-profile support to the widow of an unarmed man gunned down by New York police officers - by signing her up to model his Rocawear clothing line. JAY-Z Just days before the trial of three detectives accused of unlawfully killing Sean Bell in November 2006, Nicole Bell has appeared in a magazine ad with the couple's two children. Wearing Rocawear clothes, the three pose alongside Nicole Bell's quote, "We are going to be here to the end, 'till justice is served." The trial begins on Monday (25Feb08). Bell is pushing a judge to hand down the toughest possible sentence to the three plain-clothed officers.

Puig Beauty & Fashion Group and internationally renowned icon Shakira have signed a worldwide agreement to create a new venture to develop a line of signature products produced with and inspired by the artist. The collaboration will include the development of beauty, fragrances and other personal care products. Shakira will develop, with a dedicated team, the creation of the product line from inception to completion. The Puig Group, a major player in the beauty and fashion world, will also act as the sole global distributor of the products and create strategic alliances for the project.

"I am very excited to be able to express myself through another creative medium," said Shakira. "My feeling is that personal care and beauty should be effortless and accessible for everyone." The Colombian artist and entrepreneur, whose name in Arabic means "woman full of grace" and in Hinduism represents the Goddess of Light, has conquered the world with her music and charismatic persona. Her work has received lavish acknowledgment with over 111 awards, including nine Grammys and numerous Billboard and MTV awards. Shakira is also the creator of the Barefoot Foundation, dedicated to the improvement of educational and social conditions for families and children in her home country.

She also was a founder of ALAS with Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as well as numerous recording artists and businessmen from Latin America, with the aim of improving early childhood development throughout Latin America. Puig Beauty & Fashion Group is a multinational fragrance, cosmetic and fashion company with a presence in more than 150 countries. Puig has become renowned for its capacity to build brands and translate the image of brands, both proprietary and licensed, into the world of fragrances. Among them are such brands as Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci and Antonio Banderas, whose products have received recognition from the fragrance industry. The name of the new venture will be announced shortly.

Christina Milian Attends Reebok FreeStyle World Tour & Mariah Carey Topless @ Beach in the Carribean

The lovely Christina Milian attended the Reebok 2008 Freestyle World Tour on February 21, 2008. The hair, makeup, and outift are all just too cute.

I found these HQ photos of Mariah Carey topless, with a scraf around her chest on the beach while she was in the Carribean. These photos are so cute and tasteful. They showcase Mariah Carey's fun and free side. Her body is so fit and her skin is so beautiful.

New Music Video: Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown "No Air"

Here is the new video from Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown "No Air." I actually like this video. Jordin Sparks looked so pretty. I loved the slow motion movement and the dark, fall setting. My favorite part was the sillouet with the two of them, face to face. Check out the video up above.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Have Twins & Rita G Explains Kanye West "Flashing Lights" Video

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony became the parents of twins early on Friday in a New York-area hospital, according to People magazine, which reportedly paid upward of $6 million for the photo rights. The boy and girl, delivered in a Long Island, New York, hospital, were the first for the 38-year-old actress and singer, whose efforts to become pregnant have filled tabloid pages in the past few years. Anthony, a 39-year-old salsa singer, has a daughter and two sons from two previous relationships. Lopez did not confirm her much-rumored pregnancy until early November, when she announced the news to a Miami audience while on a concert tour with her husband. The trade publication Advertising Age reported earlier this week that People magazine was poised to pay the couple between $4 million and $6 million for exclusive U.S. rights to the first photos of the twins.

Congrats to jennifer Lopez. Hopefully now she can settle down and enjoy life.

Kanye West's new video for his single "Flashing Lights" has left some folks scratching their heads, and that's exactly what the artist wants, according to his co-star, Rita G. The Playboy Playmate from Houston stars in the short clip, which is co-directed by Spike Jonze and is generating a lot of buzz since leaking online earlier this month. The slow-motion footage begins with Rita parking in the Nevada desert, exiting her car, dropping her fur coat and lighting it on fire. She walks back to the car and pops the trunk to expose a bound and gagged Kanye. She caresses his face before taking a shovel and bashing him his body out of view – as he's curled up in the trunk. The video then pulls a "Sopranos" and abruptly cuts to black. "It's so funny," Rita G told MTV News about the clip. "This video will go over a lot of people's heads — and it's supposed to. I think it's great that it does. Because Kanye is just on another level; he's ahead of his time, in a sense. "So all the third-graders who come home from school and want to watch videos and snap their fingers and all that, they're probably gonna think, 'That video is whack, but that chick got a fat a**.' And that's fine. But people in higher positions, they're gonna see something different. They're gonna get it, people who are thinkers."

I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who thought that the video was pointless and just plain stupid. What Kanye made sure to do is confuse everyone by having a thick chick with a large ass, in nothing but a bra and a thong, be the center of attention throughout the video. That right there is going to throw people off, instantly. At the end, when we finally see Kanye, he is in a trunk and is smashed with a shovel. This video is just disturbing and degrading. He tried too hard to be different. Of course there will be people who will agree that this is a genius video; because of Kanye's rep.

February 21, 2008

New Music Video: V.I.C. ft Soulja Boy, "Get Silly"

A new music video by a new music artist premiered on 106 & Park February 14, 2008. He goes by the name V.I.C. and the name of his first single and video is "Get Silly." The song is exactly what the title says... SILLY! Actaully, it's retarded. The song features Soulja Boy and he does his little hand and leg dance in the video. WTF is up with our Black music?

Photos From The Brit Awards & Rihanna Shops @ Jack Gallery

View the HQ Photos of Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, and Leona Lewis at the Brit Awards 2008. Kelly Rowland looks absolutely beautiful. I love the dress! It's very fashion creative and sexy but classy. Rihanna looks great too! Her skin is so radiant and I love the dark eye makeup.

Rihanna was seen shopping for art at Jack Gallery in Los Angeles on February 18, 2008. I love these pics of Rihanna. She looks so interested in the art.