January 31, 2007

Gossip, Beyonce: Dancers Are Being Low Payed

TMZ has learned that dancers working on Beyonce's latest videos are being low-balled on their salaries in order to make the videos on the cheap. Sources tell TMZ that the music diva is shooting several music videos in L.A. this week, which we're told she is financing, not her label. Sources also say Beyonce's choreographer, Frank Gatson, has refused to work with any of the dancers' agents on this job.

We're told that by eliminating the middleman and dealing directly with the dancers, Beyonce can pay them below standard wages. Industry contacts say this practice is highly irregular for an artist of Beyonce's stature, and it undermines the dance industry as a whole. TMZ has learned that in order to maintain good working relationships, the production company for the project , RSA Films, has recently agreed to pay agency fees for some of the dancers.

Usually, a dancer cast in an A-list artist's video can earn around $3000 for two rehearsal days and two shoot-days of work. Without agents fighting for their rights, the dancers on Beyonce's latest videos will earn less.While some dancers have boycotted the high-profile gig, others, willing to go around their agents, have been flown to L.A. and put up at hotels to work for the lower rates -- just to say they danced for a megastar like Beyonce.

Since music videos are not covered under union rules, Beyonce's camp is not violating regulations, but they are not in sync with Dancers' Alliance, an organization created by dancers to standardize non-union work.Calls to Beyonce's reps were not returned. Frank Gatson's rep had no comment.

Beyonce was scheduled to shoot videos for Greenlight and UpGrade U.

Kelis: On Cover of Trace

Check out Kelis on the cover of Trace; the 10 Year Anniversary Issue.

Brandy: Sued For 50 Million For Fatal Crash

The parents of the woman killed in a car accident involving R&B singer Brandy filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the former Moesha star. The suit, filed by Ahmed Aboudihaj and Zohra Labridi, alleges "Brandy was driving recklessly" when she struck their daughter.

On Dec. 30, Brandy rear-ended 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj, a mother of two, on a Los Angeles freeway, causing a chain reaction which ultimately killed the Moroccan immigrant, police say. At the time of the accident, Aboudihaj was on her way to one of two waitress jobs she held, according to her widow, Hdidou Marouane, 32, an L.A. sales manager.

On Monday, investigators recommended that Brandy be charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence. The L.A. City Attorney is reviewing the case. If charged and convicted, Brandy, 27, faces up to one year in county jail. "The accident was a terrible tragedy and Brandy's heart goes out to Awatef Aboudihaj's family," Brandy's rep said in a statement. "But for legal reasons we cannot comment on this lawsuit."

Click HERE to see the document
Photo Source & Document: TMZ

January 30, 2007

Katrina: Jay-Z's Admitted Stalker On Dr. Phil

Do ya'll remember that chick who claimed that Jay-Z was still calling and seeing her? Well looks like Katrina has decided to go public and not just with our urban/black audience but all of America.

“I’ve been stalking Jay-Z more than three years,” Katrina says matter-of-factly. “ He’s a big celebrity. In my mind, he’s more than that. He is just my dream. I can’t seem to think of anybody else. He is my all and all." Katrina buys every magazine Jay-Z is in, has called him over 300 times and e-mails him 200 times a day, but he has never responded. She even had a T-shirt made up with Jay-Z's and her picture, that she says she sleeps in every night. "Jay-Z’s real name is Shawn Corey Carter. When I’m writing songs, I would just call him Shawn. I make up my own songs and leave them on his voice mail," she shares. "I went to a Web site that has gossip, and they believe anything you say. I e-mailed them a letter, saying I was Jay-Z’s ex. I also went as far as saying Jay-Z liked me better than Beyoncé. He’s in love with me," she reveals. "Everything was made up."

A damn shame isn't it? To read more about Jay-Z's stalker and see more photos, Click HERE

Ne-Yo: New Track

A new song by Ne-Yo has leaked. It's titled Because of You. It has a Michael Jackson feel. To listen to this new track, Click HERE

January 29, 2007

Brandy: Could Be Charged

The California Highway Patrol has concluded its investigation into the Dec. 30 crash involving Brandy and is recommending that the R&B singer be charged with a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence, according to CHP spokesman Leland Tang. The CHP made its recommendation to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office this morning. If charged and convicted, the 28-year-old former Moesha star, whose full name is Brandy Norwood, could face up to 1 year in county jail.

"We know that Brandy's at fault for the chain reaction of the collision," says CHP spokesman Leland Tang. Tang adds that the investigation found there were no indicators that Brandy was distracted at the moment she rear-ended the 2005 Toyota being driven by Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed when another vehicle struck her car. The LA City Attorney's will review the case and decide whether to officially file the charge against her. Brandy's rep could not be reached for comment.

Looks like Brandy is going through the toughest time in her life.

Serena Williams: Dismantles Sharapova Down Under

It was sweet vindication for Serena Williams, who had been hearing all tournament long that she was too unfit to offer any legitimate competition in the Australian Open – the first Grand Slam event of the 2007 WTA tour.
Adding to the low expectations was her quarterfinals loss in a fourth-tier tournament at Hobart, Australia earlier this month to 26-year-old Austrian Sybille Bammer, who has never won a WTA Tour
Dressed in her neon green and big hoop earrings, Serena disposed of five opponents in the Australian Open en route to Saturday’s 6-1, 6-2 massacre of the world’s No. 1-ranked player Maria Sharapova.
Williams walked into the Rod Laver Arena with the same no-nonsense look and swagger that Mike Tyson used to carry en route to the ring. From the first point to the last, Serena was all business – staring down her opponent, slamming home winners with authority and serving up a number of blistering aces.

January 28, 2007

Mariah: On Cover of PlayBoy

Check out Mariah Carey on the cover of PlayBoy. Yes, Playboy is known for it's nude women, but you won't find any nude photos of Mariah in this issue. What's up with Mariah's music career? Mariah is set to release two albums this year.

January 26, 2007

Jennifer Lopez: New Album

Jennifer Lopez catapulted her acting career with her starring role in "Selena," a biopic on the Latin Tejano star who sang in Spanish and was on the verge of an English-language crossover prior to her death. Ten years after "Selena," and following a multiplatinum recording career in English, Lopez is ready to sing en Español once again."Como Ama Una Mujer" ("How a Woman Loves"), Lopez's first Spanish-language album, will be released by Epic and worked in conjunction with Sony BMG Latin for the U.S. Latin marketplace and Latin America. The all-Spanish album, co-written and co-produced by Lopez's husband Marc Anthony in conjunction with Estefano and Julio Reyes, hits stores April 3 supported by groundbreaking media synergies.At the heart of it all is a deal in the works with the Univision TV network to produce a five-part miniseries based on a treatment by Lopez, which in turn is based on the content of the album. The series will feature the album's music. Lopez will not act in the series, but she will perform a track at the end of each episode.However, "Como Ama Una Mujer" wasn't conceived as a clever way to utilize media platforms. The notion of recording in Spanish was behind Lopez's very first demo when she finished filming "Selena" in 1997. The concept materialized three years ago, when Anthony was wrapping up production of his album "Amar Sin Mentiras" with Estefano and Reyes. Lopez went into the studio to record one song with her husband and got hooked. "Emotionally speaking, to me this album is more me than any other album," she tells Billboard.
Lopez is also working on a more urban-leaning, full-fledged English-language album that she plans to release before year's end. "I've matured as a singer," she says. "Marc gave me confidence in the studio as well. When someone believes in you so much, you don't want to let them down. And it's also the material. I think this material lent itself to my voice. And it actually made me approach my new English album in a different way. I have a different standard now."now."

Tyra: Comments On Her Weight Gain

Tyra Banks has decided to address those unflattering bikini pictures of her that have popped up in the tabloids this week under such headlines as "America's Next Top Waddle" and "Tyra Porkchop."
The 33-year-old former supermodel admits that she has gained about 30 pounds since her infamous 1997 Sports Illustrated cover, but tells People magazine that she’s the only one who doesn’t seem to have a problem with it… at least most of the time.
"I still feel hot, but every day is different,” she says. “It's when I put on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don't fit now and give me the muffin top, that's when I say, 'Damn!'"
Banks, the co-creator and host of the CW’s “America’s Next Top Model,” also feels that the public’s obsession with her weight – which she says is at 161 lbs. these days – is ultimately detrimental to young girls who struggle with body image.
"I get so much mail from young girls who say, 'I look up to you, you're not as skinny as everyone else, I think you're beautiful,'" she says. "So when they say that my body is 'ugly' and 'disgusting,' what does that make those girls feel like?"
Since her retirement from modeling, Banks says her weight has fluctuated from 148 lbs. to 162 lbs. In addition to the “muffin top,” Banks says she’s also developed a “fat roll” on her back and an unwelcome boost in bra size to double D, which makes it hard for her to find clothes that fit. "I would love for them to be a size and a half smaller,” she says.
But, she adds: "I've made millions of dollars with the body I have, so where's the pain in that? If I was in pain, I would have dieted. The pain is not there – the pain is someone printing a picture of me and saying those (horrible) things."

January 25, 2007

Ashanti: New Track

A new song by Ashanti has leaked. It's titled You Can't Deny It (Ridah) It features Jim Jones. The song is indeed sampled from Fabolous' 2001 hit "Can't Deny It" featuring Nate Dogg. To listen to this new track, Click

January 23, 2007

DreamGirls: 8 Oscar Nods but Not The Top Nod

The musical "Dreamgirls" led Academy Awards contenders Tuesday with eight nominations, but surprisingly was shut out in the best picture category after being considered a potential front-runner. Going into nominations day, the best-picture competition looked unusually wide open, with no consensus on a favorite. With "Dreamgirls," a Golden Globe winner out of the race, the best picture competition is even more up for grabs.
But front-runners in all four acting categories nabbed nominations and seem poised to come home with Oscars on Feb. 25: Helen Mirren for best actress as British monarch Elizabeth II in "The Queen"; Forest Whitaker for best actor as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland"; and Eddie Murphy and former "American Idol" finalist Jennifer Hudson as soulful singers in "Dreamgirls."
"Dreamgirls" looks as though it might follow 2002's "Chicago" as a rare musical to win best-picture, but like last year's music-themed "Walk the Line" it was a startling omission from the Oscar's top category.
While Murphy and Hudson made it into the supporting categories, lead players Foxx and Beyonce Knowles and director Bill Condon were left out.
Three of "Dreamgirls" eight nominations came in a single category for original song.

Ne-Yo: Afraid To Kiss?

Looks like TMZ is another source questioning Ne-Yo's sexuality. Read what TMZ stays about the clip.

"Although rumors regarding his sexual orientation have bugged R&B sensation Ne-Yo, TMZ has obtained video footage of the singer getting quite comfortable with a mystery woman on a beach in Barbados.The two frolicked -- and sometimes just licked. Only thing is, on careful inspection, every time the girl goes in for the kill, she's only given a cheek to peck. What's up with that?"

Click the photo clip above to view. If you're having difficulties with the photo link above, Click HERE

January 22, 2007

Ciara: In Trace Magazine

Ciara is not stopping anywhere with the magazine spreads. This girl is on covers from left to right. Check out Ciara on the cover of Trace and photos from the magazine.

Fantasia: Cover of Vibe Vixen

Check out Fanatsia on the February issue of Vibe Vixen.

LiL Kim: Judge On The Search For New PCD

Check out photos of Lil Kim from the upcoming show Pussycats Present: The Search For The Next Doll. Facial tranformation after facial transformation... Kim what is going on? Read alittle bit about the show below.
The Search for the Next Doll , by PCD founder Robin Antin, is an eight-episode series that will give one lucky winner the chance to become a member of hit burlesque troupe and musical group The Pussycat Dolls. Out of thousands of applicants, only nine girls were chosen.

January 19, 2007

SimplyMeagan Coming Soon!

UrbanConnection would like to introuduce a new site coming soon to the net. It's called SimplyMeagan and is a site dedictaed to the popular black actress, Megan Goode. You can Click HERE to the view the site, or the link under the side bar.

Beyonce: Candids in Paris & More DreamGirls Promo

Check out Photos of Beyonce in Paris at L'Avenue restaurant and at an Open Photo Call for DreamGirls in Berlin, Germany with Jennifer Hudson from today. The film will be in theaters everywhere in Germany, February 1.

Alicia Keys: Smokin Aces Premiere

Check out photos of Alicia Keys from the Smokin Aces Premiere and After Party that took place in Los Angeles, January 18, 2007. Celebrities such as Common, Kanye West and Alicia Keys's mother, Terri, arrived at the after party.

January 18, 2007

Janet Jackson: In V Magazine

Check out photos of what Janet is most known for... in V Magazine. Read the article below.
After setting a new standard for her own sexual self-confidence on an iconic Rolling Stone cover (Patrick Demarchelier’s September 1993 nude, with a strategically placed pair of hands), Janet seems determined to make no less of an impact in print. She marked the release of her 2006 album, 20 Y.O., with an eye-popping parade of skin-filled magazine covers. Now, gearing up for a 2007 world tour, the most famous woman in the world (or, at least according to this year’s Guinness Book of World Records, the most searched-for person on the Internet) meets one of the most talented image makers of our time, Jean-Paul Goude, the celebrated illustrator, art director, and photographer. We joined these two forces of (human) nature to discuss the making of Janet’s image, the expectations of celebrity, and the rules of physical attraction.

Ray-J & Whitney: A Couple?

Janet Charlton is reporting that the recent photographs showing Ray J and Whitney Houston, 43, leaving a restaurant together and jumping into a car indeed reflect a romantic relationship that began when they met for the first time a week after Thanksgiving. According to Charlton, the two have been living together ever since.

“She spent the holidays with Brandy Norwood and her family and Brandy's mom formed a special friendship with Whitney,” Charlton wrote on her Web site. “The family is a good influence - Whitney is 100% sober. Since they started seeing each other Ray has spiffed up his look- he stopped wearing baggy hip hop clothes and started dressing in tailored suits, like a businessman. He looks older."

“Whitney spends all her time at Ray's house or Brandy's in Calabasas (the family has kind of adopted her.) Ray and Whitney are very cuddly and affectionate - they don't go out in public much - sometimes they drive up to Santa Barbara and stay at the Bacara spa there. Ray is very excited about helping Whitney with her new comeback album. She's paying more attention to Ray than she is Clive Davis and Clive is losing his influence. Whitney is described as a ‘whole new person.’ She's happy and optimistic.”

January 17, 2007

Chamillionaire: Not A Criminal

Looks like Chamillionaire couldn't get his point across with the "officials" in Ridin Dirty so he had to defend himself once again with this new joint, Not A Criminal. Not A Criminal is the first single off of Chamillionaire's sophomore album, Ultimate Victory, due in stories March 27, 2007. The song also features Kelis. To listen to the track, Click HERE

Jennifer Hudson: To Be In Vogue Magazine?

According to reports, “Dreamgirls” standout Jennifer Hudson appears to be headed for the pages of Vogue magazine.
Gossip columnist
Liz Smith said J-Hud recently completed the photo shoot with Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, himself, overseeing the entire session. Smith said original Supreme Mary Wilson was also part of Hudson’s photo spread, and the two met for the first time during the shoot.

Word has it that Hudson’s camp called on the fashion expertise of Talley soon after she was announced as a Golden Globe nominee.
“To wind up Mary signed a copy of her own book "Dreamgirl and Supreme Faith: My Life as a Supreme" to the enthusiastic talented Oscar-hopeful Jennifer,” Liz wrote in her column for Tuesday.

January 16, 2007

UrbanConnection: 1000 Views!!!

Me, your blog owner Tee, is happy to announce that UrbanConnection has gotten over 1000 views! UrbanConnection hasn't even been up and running for a full month and already the blog count has reached 1000! Thank You to everyone who views UrbanConnection.blogspot daily. I'm still trying to spread the word and I have a few blog promo leaders to help me, but if you would like to help in anyway, make a comment or email me at sweetlikehonney@hotmail.com Also, the graphic was made by me and if you would like a promo graphic/blend for UrbanConnection please let me know. Later this week, promo graphics/blends will be posted. Don't forget to make comments about the topics posted, few were made and it stopped at that. LOL

Paula Abdul: Was She Drunk?

In the absence of “Being Bobby Brown,” the Bravo network has come up with another reality show surrounding an entertainer famous for being a bit loopy.
Sometime later this year, Bravo will debut
“Hey Paula,” featuring cameras shadowing former dancer/choreographer/singer Paula Abdul.

According to Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick, the series will follow Abdul as she films a sixth season of Fox's "American Idol," works as an executive producer on "Bratz: The Movie" and develops her own perfume and cosmetics line.
“It fits the Bravo mandate to show what's going on in the culture of the moment," Zalaznick said of the show, adding that "an intimate glimpse at the real woman behind the headlines" will also be highlighted.
Meanwhile, a video of Abdul looking and sounding crazy during a TV interview popped up on the Internet Thursday and caused her to cancel media interviews the following day.

Folks at YouTube’s Web site speculated that she was high and/or drunk during a satellite interview with Seattle’s Fox news affiliate. On Friday, Abdul pulled out of all media interviews to plug the upcoming sixth season of “American Idol,” but her publicist denied that she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol - or even medication.

"She was exhausted. This was at the end of three days of press (interviews and appearances), and she has had cameras following her around for a reality TV show too," said Ballard, referring to the upcoming Bravo series."She was sitting in a room with just a camera and a mic on, and the controllers dropped the sound twice, which is why she rolled her eyes."
Ballard said the cancellation of her Friday interviews was due to a sore throat after sitting in the chilly studio on Thursday.
"She never drinks. I have known Paula Abdul since she was 13, and I have never seen her drink ever in my life. ... And no, she is not on any kind of medication," he said. "She was a little tired."

Check out Photos of the Dream Girls cast, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, and Beyonce at the Golden Globe Awards.

January 15, 2007

Ciara: Second Single Like A Boy

UrbanConnection has been informed that Ciara's second single off of her platinum album, The Evolution, is Like A Boy. Even though the poll for her second single is still up on her myspace, Ciara decided to choose Like A Boy for the next single. Like A Boy was winning on the poll, but That's Right was not far behind. Like A Boy will be shot later this month. The song and the video are scheduled to hit airwaves in early next month.
Ciara explained the concept behind the song Like A Boy back in September. "I think a lot of women can relate to this, the whole thing about when a guy does certain things, it's cool, but when a girl does certain things, we look crazy, sometimes I wish I could act like a boy. Like, that's so real to me."

Toni Braxton: Sues Former Manager

Artist manager Barry Hankerson, who at one time guided R. Kelly's career until they fell out, is in the news because singer Toni Braxton is suing him.
Braxton is suing her former manager because he owes her at least
$10 million for maneuvering to have her abandon a long, lucrative relationship with her record company and jump to his own record label. So says her lawsuit filed Friday in New York.
Specifically, the suit accuses Hankerson of putting his financial interests ahead of Braxton's and using fraud, deception and double-dealing to get her to leave
Arista Records.
"Hankerson actively sought to destroy Braxton's relationship with Arista through underhanded `double-talk,' telling Braxton that Arista was not interested in working with her anymore, while telling Arista that Braxton no longer wanted to record for Arista," the lawsuit said.
The suit said Braxton tried to fire Hankerson as her personal manager but he responded by engaging in a vendetta against her, insisting he keep controlling her career and refusing to communicate with any of several personal managers she sought to employ.

Teedra Moses: New Leaked Tracks

Two tracks from Teedra Moses have leaked. They're titled Blow Me Out and Take My Love Away. To Listen to these two tracks, clik the links below.

Cassie: Passion Night Club Performance

Cassie has been out the spotlight for some time now and there's no surprise why. Check out photos of of Cassie giving it her all at Passions NightClub.

Martin Luther King Jr

UrbanConnection would like to remeber Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man who never gave up on his dream and that is why our urban/black people are free today. What a great man and a hero.