November 29, 2007

R.Kelly Messed Around With Daniels' Legal Teenaged Daughter?

The Internet is on fire with rumors surrounding R. Kelly and the daughter of Regina Daniels, the singer's longtime publicist who suddenly and mysteriously quit her post saying only that a line had been crossed. Talk around the black blogosphere Wednesday suggests that Daniels abruptly left the job because Kelly slept with her (step) daughter, who is said to be 19-years-old. A photo of Kelly embracing the girl surfaced yesterday. George Daniels, who said "no comment," but clarified: "Bottom line is [R. Kelly] crossed a certain line with me and my wife that you shouldn't cross. I respect his talent. You can't deny he's a talented person. But beyond that, everything else is just gone." Daniels also affirmed that Kelly "never put his hand on Regina, or nothing like that." When asked if he is aware of Wednesday's explosion of Internet rumors about their daughter, he said, "I'm aware of that, too. No comment." Gossip blog Bossip claims to be the first site to publish the above photo
As previously reported, Regina Daniels released the following statement earlier this month announcing her resignation: "Friends and Colleagues – After careful consideration and counsel, I have decided to formally announce my resignation as publicist for R&B artist R. Kelly. My resignation was effective as of August 28, 2007. Throughout the course of my 25 years as a publicist, I have prided myself on loyalty, respect and professionalism. It saddens me that I was not always shown those same courtesies during my 14 year tenure as Mr. Kelly's publicist.
Though I have a great appreciation for Mr. Kelly as an artist, there are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign. My husband, music retailer George Daniels, has also disassociated himself from Mr. Kelly."
Here is a photo of Pissy Kelly at the young girl's high school dance.

I am not surprised by this incident and I do believe he was f*cking this chick. She's legal but 19? The girl is barely an adult and is legal but a teenager. He was probably thinking, "Oh since she's legal, everyone will think it's okay." This man is truly sick and won't stop until somebody who is real and isn't afraid stands up an calls him out with some up-to-date proof! I'm just waiting for that day. We all already know he's going straight to hell, but he still deserves punishment while he is alive.

Alicia Keys Promotes "As I Am" In Tokyo, Keyshia, Kirk Franklin, & Lyfe Visit 106, & Pharell Hosts Ice Cream Flagship Store Opening

Alicia Keys promoted her new Album "As I Am" at the Marunouchi Building on November 29, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. Wow, Alicia keys is so beautiful. The makeup is flawless and the outfit is very nice.

Keyshia Cole, Kirk Franklin, and Lyfe Jennings stopped by 106 and Park yesterday, November 28, 2007. Keyshia Cole's fur looks warm! I see Kirk Franklin is trying to dress more youthful and Lyfe Jennings is cute but is starting to look like somebody's grandpop.

Pharell, Swizz Beatz, and Tiana Taylor attended the Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream Flagship Store Opening on November 28, 2007, in New York.

November 28, 2007

Keyshia Cole Vists TRL

Keyshia Cole visited TRL yesterday, November 27, 2007. I liked how she tried to wear all white, I just don't really like or get the outfit. It doesn't flatter her shape. The earrings look cheap too. I look at Keyshia as ghetto fabulous, but this time she just looks straight up ghetto. It's nice that she promoting her friend/artist. She did her thing on Shoulda Let You Go.

November 27, 2007

New Leaked Tracks: Nicole & Mya

A new song snippet by Nicole Scherzinger has leaked. It's titled Who's Gonna Love You. I don't know what's up with these R&B/Pop female singers this year. Their material is just lame! It's not what's in and it's not different, unique, or orginal. This snippet is enough for me to say that once again another disappointment from Nicole. Her vocals sound very raspy and boyish. The only strong thing about her is her image. Her dancing isn't all that when she's by herself, and the music is wack. I don't mean to be so cruel, but I'm tired of these untalented or weak female artists. They're just eye candy. To listen to this new track, click the link below.

Nicole Scherzinger- Who's Gonna Love You

A new track by Mya has leaked. It's titled Shake It Like a Dog. When I saw the title, I already knew that the song would be wack and yes... it is. Everything about the track is all wrong. The voice production, the lyrics, the beat... Mya just doesn't have an ear for music. She needs to give it up. Liberation leaked online and she has said that she is working on another new album that will be released early next year. Whatever. To listen to this new track, click the link below.

Mya- Shake It Like A Dog

Beyonce To Record A Country Album? & Rihanna Leaving Hotel

Beyonce's flirtation with country music didn't stop with her American Music Awards appearance last week with the band Sugarland. (Scroll down to see the performance.) RTE Entertainment is reporting that Beyoncé loved their reworking of her pop hit "Irreplaceable" so much that she's now hoping to record an entire album of country music to follow up her current CD, "B'Day." "Beyoncé wants to try something completely different," a source close to the singer tells RTE. "She is a big fan of country music and thought that would be an interesting and exciting way to go." According to RTE, Beyonce has reportedly hit up award winning singer/songwriter Amanda Ghost - the creative force behind James Blunt's hit "You're Beautiful" - for the project. "She contacted Amanda early this week and she is going over to work with her on it," the source is quoted as saying.

WTF??? A country album though? Beyonce is the type of person who gets easily inspired by something she finds different and interesting. If this album is authenic country music, she's in deep sh*t. Her fans will laugh her ass off the charts. Anyway, down below you can view the performance she did with country music group, Sugarland at the AMA's.

Speaking of Beyonce... Her protege, Rihanna, was spotted leaving the Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, Germany on November 26, 2007.

Bow Wow & Omarion @ TRL, Lenny Kravitz Performs @ Grey Cup Championship, & The Dirty Awards

Bow Wow and Omarion stopped by MTV's "TRL" on November 26, 2007 in New York. They are nothing but characters in these photos... trying to pose all serious LOL! I don't think this whole duet will work. Both of their careers are already in danger of failing. Bow Wow is a very handsome young man, he's just too cocky.

Lenny Kravitz performed at the CFL's 95th Grey Cup Championship on November 22, 2007 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Radio One's HOT 107.9 Presents The Dirty Awards 3 - occured on November 26, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. Guests included B5, Cherish, Crime Mobb, Big Boi, Free, Lloyd, Plies, and Soulja Boy. Aww the B5 brothers are all so cute! The Cherish girls look very ghetto fabolous. They look a lot prettier than what they used to be. Free's hair looks okay, the length should've been shorter, but that dress is hideous! WTF? It looks like she could be pregnant (not saying she is) Soulja Boy looks like a damn fool! He is a fool. I saw him on TRL last week and he is just another slow, low life, lazy, ghetto ass good for nothing like a lot of our teenaged black males. Every word that comes out of his mouth sounds ignorant.

1st Annual Angie Martinez Hair Show & Beauty Expo

Angie Martinez held her 1st Annual Hair Show & Beauty Expo on November 24, 2007 at the Hammerstein Ballroom inNew York. Guests included Cassidy, Juelz Santana, Missy Elliot, Pepa, The-Dream, Fabolous, Julissa, and Lil Mama. I really love Julissa's outfit. It's really cute. Lil Mama on the other hand, looks a mess. She doesn't really match and her face looks weird. I never thought Lil Mama was cute, her eye color is nice but she looks 37... not 17.

November 22, 2007

Ne-Yo Kicked Off R. Kelly Double Up Tour

Ne-Yo was informed Monday that he was being permanently removed from his supporting slot on R. Kelly's current Double Up tour, despite overwhelmingly positive reviews received from "entertainment reporters, music critics, bloggers, fans, and concert goers," read a statement from Ne-Yo's rep. A contractual dispute is the tour's official reason for Ne-Yo's departure. But according to camp Ne-Yo, Kelly fired the singer because he "brought too much heat" for Kelly to compete against. "He's written hit songs for Beyonce ("Irreplaceable") and Rihanna ("Unfaithful"), spending a combined 19 weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100, said Ne-Yo's business partner and manager, Tango, in a statement. "He's written songs slated to be on Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, and Enrique Iglesias' new albums. …The fans were really feeling his performances.

He's good; maybe he's too good – that's the problem." Ne-Yo adds: "I don't understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing. In my opinion, I was doing everything possible to make the tour a success. I love being on stage in front of fans because of the immediate feedback you get. You know right away if they are feeling you; and they were really feeling our show. …To my fans and ticket holders – I apologize if you are disappointed," he said. R. Kelly R. Kelly's rep, Allan Mayer, said the singer played no role in firing Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith: "Ne-Yo's departure from the 'Double Up' tour was the result of a contractual issue between him and the tour promoter. R. Kelly had nothing to do with it."

Why would he want to open up for a pissy child molestor anyway? Like I said before, when you're a famous singer, people don't care what you do. Those hoping to see Keyshia Cole perform during the R. Kelly Double Up tour in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday went home disappointed after the singer blew off the entire concert.

Sean Kingston & Natasha Bedingfield Perform on the Today Show

Sean Kingston and British singer Natasha Bedingfield performed on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007. I didn't watch the show so I have no clue as to what song they were singing together. I can't believe Sean Kingston is still performing at big shows like this. His album is very low on the charts and he only had 1 hit.

Mariah Carey Launches M In Glendale

Mariah Carey launched her new fragrance, M, in Glendale on November 20, 2007. Mariah Carey is about to be 40 and looks damn good for her age! I've seen her without makeup and sometimes she looks rough but she still doesn't look her age. Mariah could pass for 29.


UrbanConnection wants to wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, a happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and be thankful for want you have. Your owner, me Tee, is spending Thanksgiving with my at home family this year and is THANKFUL for still being alive on this earth and having people around me who really care about me, even though we get on each other's last nerve LOL. HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!

November 19, 2007

Jordin Sparks @ TRL

Jordin Sparks made an appearance on TRL November 19, 2007. She is so cute and is full of energy but she loks too old for her age. Jordin is as old as I am, 17, and in these pics she looks like she's 27.