December 31, 2007

Lenny Kravitz Performs on NBC's New Year's Eve 2008 & Christina Milian Photographed @ The Shore Club

Lenny Kravitz performed on NBC's New Year's Eve 2008 with Carson Daly on December 31, 2007 at Times Square in New York. He looks great! I love the all black.

Christina Milian was photographed at the The Shore Club on December 31, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida. These photos are supposed to be photos from a "photoshoot" she did at The Shore Club, but as we all can see, they are nothing but posed candids. Some male photographer probably spotted Miss Milian and asked could he take posed photos of her. Christina Milian is naturally pretty, has beautiful skin, is a nice size, but her belly looks nasty! It looks saggy and sickly, kinda like how Tara Reid's belly looks now. She said she has lost 15 pounds and works out everyday and we can see that with her fit arms and legs, but something's off with her mid area. Besides that, she looks so cute!

Happy New Year!

UrbanConnection wants to wish everyone around the world a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 is definitely my year. It's the year of my graduation LOL! Your owner Tee, just wanted to say that I hope everyone enjoys the New Year and like I always say, have fun, but BE SAFE!

TIffany AKA New York & Tailor Made @ Tenjune Party & Shakira w/Boyfriend In Rome

Now I know I Love New York doesn't really deal with Music news and artists, but I found these pics of Tiffany AKA New York and her new beau Tailor Made! They were seen at the Tenjune Party At Set on December 30, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida. I think these pics are so cute of them. They make a cute couple. A lot of people didn't really like Tailor Made because he looked like a punk and a snitch on the show, but I kinda like him. I think he's nice, sincere, romantic, and kinda cute. Would I date him, hell no, but he seems like a cool guy. He just needs to man up a bit. Anyway, it looks like they had a lot of fun and hopefully they'll be together for a while.

Shakira was seen with her boyfriend sight seeing in Rome on December 28, 2007. What I like about these photos are that they are ordinary, yet original. You don't see many celebs sight seeing around a country like ordinary people. These photos aren't lovey dovy or showing affection, but they do show a couple who do things together like all of us do who aren't famous.

The Grand Opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club At The Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas

The Grand Opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club occured at the Palazzo Hotel on December 30, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guests included Jay-Z, Beyonce, Solange, Vanessa Simmons, Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige, and Memphis Bleek. It's nice to see everyone dressed up. Even though they are dressed appropriately for this event Solange and Mary look a mess. Solange looks a mess every time I see her. She really needs a fashion and hair stylish ASAP! Mary's coat is of course real, but looks very feux. The boots also don't look very classy on the red carpet for this type of event. Memphis Bleek should've dressed up fully and wore some slacks and forgoed the hat. Vanessa looks pretty nice, I just don't like the bumps in the dress. Beyonce... she looks ok, I guess. Something about her shape is funny. She's shaped like big doll.

9 Year Old Julian Says Snoop Dogg Refuses To Be In His Life & James' Brown Children Fight Over Will

A 9-year-old boy claiming to be the son of rapper Snoop Dogg tells Star magazine that he would love to be a part of his dad's new E! reality series, "Father Hood." I should be with him on the show, but I’m not,” says Julian Corrie Broadus of the program that features Snoop, his wife Shante and their three children Corde, Cordell, and Cori. “I don’t want to be an actor; I want to be a basketball player. But I want to be on the show to get to know my family,” Julian told Star magazine. “It would be so nice for all of us to just hang out together. I hope we can do that one day." The tabloid says it has tracked down paternity documents to prove that Julian is indeed the biological son of Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus; and 34-year-old Laurie Holmond, who says she and Snoop have known each other since attending the same high school in Long Beach, Calif.

Holmond tells Star: “We had a great relationship-until June of 1997, when I suddenly heard on the radio that he had gotten married. Calvin told me I wouldn’t understand, and he was right, I wanted nothing to do with him." But three months later, Holmond said she and Snoop hooked up at the Le Reve Hotel in Hollywood, and nine months later, Julian was born. “When I told Calvin I was pregnant, he said: ‘I don’t know how I’m going to tell Shante," she says. "But when Julian was born, Calvin was right there, and he took responsibility like a man." Holmond says that the rap star hasn’t seen their son since early 2003. She says Snoop was proven to be the father in June, when she took him to court to establish paternity. “I asked him to start seeing Julian again. He sounded sincere, but he has yet to come by," said Holomon. "Julian does spend a lot of time with his grandmother, Beverly-Calvin’s mom-whom he adores. But now Calvin needs to acknowledge him.”

The red tape that has snarled James Brown's estate gets even thicker this week as five of the entertainer's children are challenging the will, which leaves most of the late singer's money to trusts set up to educate Brown's grandchildren and needy kids. In the challenge filed in South Carolina's Aiken County Probate Court, the kids claim that the will should be invalidated because Brown's former advisers - Buddy Dallas, Alford Bradley and David Cannon - used undue influence to get him to create charitable trusts that the advisers would profit from. The children were largely left out of the financial portion of the will, but Atlanta attorney Louis Levenson said the children discovered earlier wills drafted by their father that cast doubt on whether he truly wanted to leave the bulk of his estate to charity. "There was sporadic indication that Mr. Brown intended to benefit some charities, but the circumstances surrounding the making of these documents have always been clouded in mystery," Levenson said. Dallas denied the allegations and called attempts to void the will "an act of desperation." "No one told James Brown what to do," Dallas said, adding that if he were going to use his influence to benefit himself, "I would have just influenced him into giving me something." The Brown children challenging the will are Deanna Brown Thomas, Venisha Brown, Daryl Brown, Yamma Brown Lumar and Larry Brown. A sixth child named in Brown's will, Terry Brown, has hired a different attorney. Also, one grandchild whose tuition would be paid for by the trusts has accused his relatives of trying to break the charities to get the money.

December 30, 2007

New Leaked Track: Kanye West, Flashing Lights (Mano Uptempo Remix)

While I was searching for music, I came across a remix of Kanye West's latest single "Flashing Lights." I'm am not a fan at all of Kanye West's, but I absolutely love the his track "Flashing Lights" and this Mano Uptempo Remix. The beat is so club but hip-hop and classical R&B. He or the producer made a nice mix of those genres. To listen to this new track, click the link below.

Kanye West- Flashing Lights (Mano Uptempo Remix)

New Leaked Tracks: Jason Fox & Kat DeLuna

Do you know who Jason Fox is? I didn't either until I searched his name and found out that he was the guy who recorded the "Aunt Jackie" song. He also did a remake of the "Chicken Noodle Soup" hit. I found out that he was 22 and is inspired by Will Smith and LL Cool J. He thinks that Hip-Hip right now is "disorted" and I agree. He wants to make fun party songs like how it used to be back in the day, rather than rapping about about violence, bling, money, ect. Even though he is trying to bring back the old Hip-Hop, his songs are wigidy wack! This new track of his sounds kinda weird and off. It's titled "Coffee Girl" and features Kat DeLuna. Something about his voice is just odd. Kat DeLuna sounds great though. This girl can really blow. She just needs to sing on better beats.

Jason Fox featuring Kat DeLuna- Coffee Girl

Speaking of Kat DeLuna, she and her label are still going strong with her album "9 Lives." It sold a very disappointing 80,000 copies in the US and her first single "Whine Up" only reached the Top 30 on the Billboard Charts. Artists like Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy received number 1 hits immediately while this talented young female stuggled to the top and failed to make it. Anyway, her third single "Run The Show" will be released on radio stations later this month. This version features Busta Rhymes. I like the orginal version of the song better. In the beginning of the track she is screaming a high note and Busta Rhymes just ruins the whole song. To listen to this new track, click the link below.

Kat DeLuna featuring Busta Rhymes- Run The Show

Nicole @ LAX Airport

Nicole Scherzinger was caught by the paparazzi at LAX Airport on December 29, 2007. Aww Nicole, why the long face? I wonder what was going through her head. Maybe she was just tired and didn't wanna be photographed.

Jay-Z Performs Live at The Pear & Baby Bash, Slick Rick, LIttle Vicious, & Doug E. Fresh Attend Opening of Home St Louis

Jay-Z performed live at The Pear in The Palms Hotel and Casino on December 29, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't find Jay-Z attractive, but he is a sharp dresser.

The Opening of Home St Louis at The Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Day 2 occured on December 28, 2007 in St. Charles, Missouri. There were performances by Slick Rick, Little Vicious, and Doug. E Fresh. Baby Bash attended the event Day 1 on December 27, 2007.

December 29, 2007


Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary. LOL!!! Today, December 29, 2007 marks the 1 year anniversary of UrbanConnection. UrbanConnection was created on December 11, 2006, but didn't officially open or make it's first post until the 29th of December. UrbanConnection has been through some ups and downs. There were many times when I didn't think that I would keep this blog open, but I stuck it through and continued to do my best to keep it alive! The site has also under-goed many layout changes but this current layout is going to stick around for the longest. UrbanConnection has reached over 23,000 views since last year and is increasing each and every day. It has also been viewed by many recording artists/producers such as Teairra Mari, Jeannie Ortega, DJ Redz, Jimmie Reign, Jessi Malay, radio hosts around the country, and probably other DJs/singers/and rappers who I wouldn't have expected to view my blog. I really appreciate the compliments, comments, hated or appreciated, and just the people who continue to view this site daily and make it their 1 and only source for urban and black music artists.

December 28, 2007

Brandy Won't Be Charged In Fatal Car Crash!!! & Rihanna Gets Lonely Because of Fame

Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Brandy will not face charges in a December 2006 car crash that killed a 38-year-old woman, prosecutors said on Friday, citing insufficient Police had recommended that the former star of the TV comedy "Moesha," whose real name is Brandy Norwood, face vehicular manslaughter charges in the four-vehicle crash, which began when her Land Rover struck another car from behind on a Los Angeles freeway.

"After conducting a thorough investigation, which included consulting with some of the top accident reconstruction experts in the country, city prosecutors concluded that there was insufficient evidence from which a jury could find Ms. Norwood guilty of such a charge beyond a reasonable doubt," Los Angeles City Attorney's spokesman Frank Mateljan said.
Brandy, 28, had been facing up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine if charged and convicted of vehicular manslaughter in the December 30, 2006, crash.

Relatives of Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed in the crash, have filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against Brandy. Aboudihaj was killed when her vehicle slammed into a third car, careened into the freeway's center divider and was hit broadside by a fourth automobile.
Investigators ruled out alcohol and drugs as factors in the crash and say there was no evidence that Brandy, who was alone in her car, was using a cell phone or otherwise distracted.
A lawyer for Brandy said she was "extremely pleased" the performer would not be charged.
"These past twelve months have been extraordinarily hard for Brandy and her family, who were unfairly forced to live under a cloud of suspicion initially caused by an ill-advised and premature press release sent out by the California Highway Patrol accusing Brandy of wrongdoing before the police investigation was even finished," attorney Blair Berk said.
Berk added Brandy was mindful there had been a life lost in the crash and that she was extremely fortunate not to have been injured.

I'm not a fan of Brandy's like I used to be, but I am sooo happy for her! She's really been through a lot this past year and I know that if I was in her shoes, I would be depressed and worried. Thank God this happened.

Rihanna has admitted that fame has started to leave her feeling lonely and unhappy.The singer, who was spotted at the age of 15, claimed that there is a "dark side" to being famous and that she is left on her own a lot of the time.She told the Sunday Times: "Fame is lonely. At first, I was on an adrenaline high. But after a while it gets repetitive and that is when you think, 'Oh wow, I am sitting in a hotel room once again, just me and the television'. "When you are in the spotlight, people are like, 'What do you have to worry about?' They forget that the success is one great aspect of your life, but behind that there are problems, there are dark sides, there is loneliness and unhappiness.

"Rihanna also revealed that she feels that she has to read people before she can trust them because of her celebrity status.She added: "In this business, people are shallow, they are dishonest – you can't trust them. I have always had a things for reading people. I sit, I watch you, I observe you. It really helps me to understand how to play the game - it's a game that sucks."Despite selling millions of LPs and holding a record for the longest-running number one single in the UK for this decade, the 19-year-old insisted that she still does not understand her popularity.She said: "I did a show two days ago in Belgrade. We were expecting 6,000 people and 24,000 showed up. And I couldn’t understand why... I look at them and I still think, ‘Why are you screaming for me?’ I still think of myself as a normal girl."

I ask that same question when I see pics of her performing. Why would anyone go to see a bad singer try to sing and dance? Well, she aint gotta worry about being lonely and famous for a while, because her career will be over sooner than she expects.

RUMOR: Beyonce To Release 3rd Album In June of 2008?

The Spanish Promusic website, which is the alliance between all the major record labels, has released a preliminary calendar of 2008 music releases, including a release of Beyonce's third solo album: On this album, Beyonce embraces many stiles and turns to dance floors and electronic music. The album is, among others, produced by Timbaland, Russell Small and James Wiltshire. It will be also released on the market in USB format. Estimated date for release: 24th of June.

Right now, this is just a rumor, but it'll come up true. This is probably true because we all know that Beyonce refuses to take a break when it comes to her music career and it was just reported that she wanted to do a Country album. Electronic music for Beyonce? Oh hell no. That doesn't fit her image, voice, or music style. People like M.I.A. Madonna, and even Britney Spears do that type of music.

Reverand Run & Justine Adopt New Baby Girl, Miley Justine Simmons & Mel B & Husband Fight For Custody Over Child

Reverend Run and his wife Justine Simmons adopted a one-month-old American-born girl in September, according to Us magazine, and have named her Miley Justine Simmons. The newest addition to the Simmons clan will make her debut on the family’s MTV reality series, "Run’s House," when the show returns in January. The couple decided to adopt Miley – now 4 months – soon after the death of their newborn baby Victoria Anne omphalocele, a birth defect in which the infant's intestine or other abdominal organs stick out of the belly button. The baby died one hour after her birth on Sept. 26th of last year. Justine said: "People say, 'You need to mourn,' and you do, but only a little because the more you mourn, the more you want to mourn. I would have landed in depression. I wanted a girl really bad, and I knew I wasn't going to try again. That could have really messed me up."Miley joins biological siblings Russy, Diggy; and half siblings Jo-Jo, Angela and Vanessa, the children of Rev. Run and his ex-wife Valerie Vaughn. is reporting that Spice Girl Melanie Brown and her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar were in a little custody tug-of-war over their almost 9-year-old daughter, Phoenix. At issue was the singer's insistence on taking the girl on the road during her current Spice Girl tour. According to the Web site, Gulzar refused to alter his visitation schedule with Brown - the custodial parent – while she travels from city to city. But Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider has denied Gulzar's bid to keep Phoenix at home, TMZ reports. Scary Spice, who is represented by powerhouse attorney Goldie Schon, retains sole legal and physical custody of Phoenix, and Gulzar will have scheduled visitation over the next few months and on the child's birthday.

Raz-B's Brother , Ricardo "Ricky Romance" Thornton, Stands By His Statement

The drama continues with several new developments in the Raz B/Chris Stokes molestation story. As we reported yesterday, former B2K member, 22-year-old DeMario "Raz B" Thornton recanted his earlier allegation that he was sexually molested by the group's former manager Chris Stokes. However, Raz B's older brother Ricardo "Ricky Romance" Thornton, who leveled the same accusation against Stokes, continues to stand firmly by his statement. Thursday, Ricardo, 26, told MTV News that he will not recant his claims made on a videotape posted to YouTube earlier this week. Ricardo also predicted that Raz will "come back around," suggesting that the apology might not have been his brother's idea. Not only did the elder Thornton talk to MTV, he also spoke with the morning show team on Sacramento's 103.5 The Bomb, which you hear right here. Among other interesting things, you'll hear him say that it had been quite a while since he'd heard from his brother. The inference, of course, was that he was concerned for Raz B's safety and well being. Listen to the radio station interview down below

As previously reported, Raz B released a 27-second video Wednesday apologizing for the accusations of molestation he and Ricardo made against Stokes."This is DeMario Thornton, publicly known as Raz-B of B2K," he says in the video, titled 'The Truth About Chris Stokes B2K Part 3.' "I would like to send a public apology for some tapes that were leaked without my authority. I just want to say that those allegations are not true ... with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston, and I apologize for any hurt this may have caused publicly [or] financially."
Stokes responded to the apology in a statement released Thursday morning, stating: "I'm happy that DeMario 'Raz-B' Thornton and Ricardo Thornton realized their mistakes and admitted to lying," he said. "I have always supported my family and have always been a stand-up person. I knew that the truth would eventually come to light." In an interview with MTV before Raz B's apology video, Stokes again denied the singer's allegations and had even threatened legal action. "I'm not gay. And I'm married. And I have four kids. I been with my wife for 16 years," Stokes said early Wednesday. "And I'm not a child molester. So those are all false allegations. I'm gonna sue them. And I owe that to my wife and kids, period. It's ridiculous."

I commend his brother for sticking with his statement because it's true. No one who is sane would make up such a story and be so emotional and detailed with everything. Raz-B probably felt stupid or embarassed or like so much pressure was on him so he just apologized to get it over with. Hopefully he'll come around like his brother says he will.

New Leaked Tracks: Ciara & Jay-Z

An unreleased track by Ciara has leaked. It's titled "Ahhh" and features J Hood. It's basically a song with teen hidden lyrics that talk about how she wants to sleep with somebody. This track may be a little low quality, but her voice is way too low on the track. You can hear the beat more than her voice. At first I didn't think it was Ciara, but as I got closer to my computer speakers, I heard her voice. She really has weak vocals and her trying to sound sexy is not working. These lyrics don't fit her image either. I guess she's transforming into a "sex kitten" like every other R&B "singer." To listen to this new track, click the link below.

Ciara featuring J Hood- Ahhh

This track from Jay-Z is off of his latest album "American Gangster." It's titled "I Know" and features vocals from Pharell in the background. I was listening to music, heard this song of his, searched for the track, and found it. At first when I heard the song, I thought it was something from Omarion and Bow Wow because of the beat and the repeativeness of Pharell singing "I know." It has a nice laid back Hip-Hop/R&B sound. That's what I like about Jay-Z and Pharell when they collaborate together. To listen to this track, click the link below.

Jay-Z featuring Pharell- I Know

December 27, 2007

New Music Video:s Ciara, That's Right & Bow Wow & Omarion, Hey Baby Jump Off

The music video for Ciara's single, "That's Right" has finally arrived. She said in an interview that she would be working on a new album soon but would still release the "That's Right" video later this year. I've lost so much interest in Ciara and this video is just another reason why. This video is wack as hell!!! Earlier this year, there were little clips released that showed her dancing in the leather outfit and everyone thought that the video was going to be hot. It's very low budget and boring. It reminded so much of Goodies. This song is not empowerment to women at all. I personally think that Ciara looks like a ghetto fabulous ho. Those tight skimpy outfits were kinda low class. Her dancing is the same as usual as well, shaking of the ass and whinding her hips.. c'mon Ciara, you need a better choreographer.

Omarion and Bow Wow released their second video/single, Hey Baby Jump Off, from their first duet album, "Face Off." This song is so lame. It just sounds stupid. They sampled an old song from LL Cool J and made it very bubblegumish. These guys are in their 20's still singing and rapping lullabies. The video is too computerized also. The setting where Omarion is dancing is okay though.

Mariah Carey In Aspen & Eve Shopping In West Hollywood

Mariah Carey was spotted in Aspen on December 23, 2007 with her dog and very nice slim figure. I can't wait until mariah drops her new joint and album. It'll be much better than her "competition's" Janet.

Eve was spotted at Diab'less on December 21, 2007 in West Hollywood, California shopping and rocking her Cartier sunglasses.