October 31, 2007

Damn Jennifer Lopez May Be Getting Dropped From Epic Records & Her newest Movie Flops

Jennifer Lopez has been warned that she could be facing a showdown with her record label Epic because she costs the company too much money with too little in return.The singer's demand for high budget music videos and excessive production demands has meant that the company has been left out of pocket even though she is one of its biggest names, according to reports.Lopez's last album Brave did not manage to get in the top ten and only managed to sell 53,000 copies in the first week of its release.A source revealed: "She costs too much money and doesn’t sell enough. Her last album cover alone cost $60,000 in hair and makeup, lighting, photographers, re-touching, etc. The video budget was in the neighbourhood of $300,000."The star also cost Epic a fortune by promoting the album on TV shows such as Good Morning America. The insider added: "Epic had to eat the cost for that entire performance. From her makeup - which typically costs in the neighbourhood of $8,000 per day - to the backup singers, to the rigging, lighting and sound."

In other bad Jennifer Lopez news... Jennifer Lopez will be doubting her acting ability after her latest movie BORDERTOWN was released straight on DVD. The singer/actress plays a reporter investigating the murder of female factory workers in Mexico in the low-budget movie.
But the film, which co-stars Antonio Banderas, was booed at the Berlin International Film Festival and will now be available at rental stores, reports the New York Post.Lopez's acting ability came under fire by movie critics following the release El Cantane, a film also starring husband Marc Anthony. Gigli, her film with former boyfriend Ben Affleck, also received scathing reviews.

I mean... was this really a surprise? Jennifer Lopez faded away back in 04. There comes a time in every singer's life where their career is over, it'll end sooner when that singer cannot sing or isn't that talented.

Alicia Keys Promotes "As I Am" In Madrid & Christina Milian Attends Hpnotiq's Halloween Party

Alicia Keys performed in Madrid, Spain on October 29, 2007 while promoting her new album, "As I Am." Wow, Alicia Keys looks so soft and lovely in these photos. Her skin looks flawless and the makeup is very clean. A lot of times when I see Alicia onstage she looks very sweaty and her makeup looks like it's melting. On the red carpet, it looks like she's wearing too much makeup, but right here, it's perfect. I also love the hair and outfit. She's very slim with a shape.

Christina Milian attended Hpnotiq's Halloween Party Hosted By Audrina Partridge on October 30, 2007. Christina Milian is a cute girl but WTF kind of costume is this??? Who is she exactly? I guess she couldn't decided between Colonial woman, cheerleader, or vampire/zombie.

October 30, 2007

Kelis Is Dropped From Jive Records & Kanye To Publish Book

It's over for Kelis and Jive Records. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the eclectic chanteuse has been dropped from her contract amid sluggish album sales. The singer, who is married to rap artist Nas, released two albums for Jive: 2003's "Tasty," which spawned the hit "Milkshake" and sold 533,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan; and last year's "Kelis Was Here," which had numerous release date changes and has moved only 157,000 to date. Kelis' manager told EW that she's currently working on an independent dance album with Cee-Lo, the former Goodie Mob member who gained international attention as one half of the duo Gnarls Barkley. Kelis is also shopping a pop album helmed by songwriter Guy Chambers, who co-wrote hits like "Angel" for Robbie Williams. In the meantime, she is in talks to host a "Project Runway"-esque show for VH1 and is auditioning for various film and TV roles.

I'm not surprised. Kelis is one of the worst singers of today. It amazes me how many people admire her creativity in her songs, and her uniqueness of style and make it seem like it's okay that she can't sing or dance, but that doesn't mean a damn thing without a voice. Her voice is dreadful live. I don't really have a problem with Kelis, she has her own style and seems like a cool chick, but a singer she is not. She should move to fashion designing.

On the heels of 50 Cent's new scrapbook-like publication arriving in stores, his music rival Kanye West has announced that he will make his literary debut early next year with a book titled "Thank You and You're Welcome." The rapper/producer describes his work as an "entertaining volume of 'Kanye-isms' -- the creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success. It captures the same wit, playful irony and piercing insight found abundant in my lyrics." Co-authored by Sakiya Sandifer, the book will be available for $10 and pre-orders are currently being filled via his Web site, www.kanyeunivercity.com. "In 'Thank You And You're Welcome!' I deliver my personal message uncensored, without any five-second delay or media distortion," wrote West on his blog. The artist's mother, Dr. Donda West, released a book titled "Raising Kanye: Life Lessons From The Mother of A Hip Hop Superstar," which reflects on the things she's learned by being his mother.

Black Eyed peas Perform In Sydney

Check out HQ photos of The Black Eyed Peas performing in concert in Sydney, Austrailia on October 30, 2007.

Denise Rich Marks the 10th Year of The G&P Foundation At The 2007 Angel Ball Event

The Denise Rich Marks the 10th Year of The G&P Foundation At The 2007 Angel Ball event occured on October 29, 2007 at the Marriott Marquis in New York. Guests included singing group Epiphany, Joss Stone, Ashanti, Chudney Ross (Diana Ross's daughter) Natalie Cole, Randy Jackson, and Don King. Everyone was dressed appropriate for the event, but I'm not really feeling any of the dresses on the females. Natalie's Cole dress is okay, it looks good on her and she looks great for her age. The makeup and hair is well done. I love the colors on Joss Stone's dress and the top of the dress, but the pattern and shoes are not cute. Chudney Ross's dress has potential to be cute, I see where the designer was going with the design, but the material down the front of the dress is unecessary. It fits her shape nicely though. Last but not least Ashanti. As far as I'm concerned, Ashanti isn't pregnant, but that dress makes her look like it. It's way too puffy. It looks like a bunch of curtains sewn together. I don't really like her hair or makeup either.

October 29, 2007

New Tracks: David Banner & Lyfe Jennings

A new track by David Banner has leaked. It's titled "Ball With Me" and features Chamillionaire. I'm a little surprised that Chamillionaire would even agree to be on a song like this. The song title is very cliche and so is the beat. The beat sounds a little dated... like back in 2000. I don't even consider David Banner a rapper. He's just talking on the track. Anyway, to listen to this new track, click the link below.

David Banner featuring Chamillionaire- Ball With Me

A new track by Lyfe Jennigns has leaked. It's titled "Cops Up." I'm not feeling the track. The beat is iight, but something about it is missing. I also don't like the background vocals; maybe if it was an uptempo song without the background vocals. I like the fact that Lyfe is putting out a positive image in his music but I'm not a fan of his music. He can keep on doing what he does though. To listen to this track, click the link below.

Lyfe Jennings- Cops Up

Ciara Celebrates 22nd Birthday & Common Performs @ Voodoo Music Experience

Ciara celebrated her 22nd Birthday on October 28, 2007 at the Velvet Room in Atlanta, Georgia. This was just the first birthday celebration from her Birthday Tour. Birthday Tour WTF??? I never got why people in the entertainment biz celebrated their birthday more than once. Maybe it's a family thing for Ciara. Anyway, I'm really feeling Ciara's outfit, but the makeup looks a mess! She should know not to wear light colored hair anymore, it makes her skin look bleached. Plus all that light makeup has her looking a little tranny. I'm really loving that birthday cake though! That cake is huge and so pretty! That 09 Rolls Royce Phantom is off the chain as well! I don't know why Buckeey was there, or even Diamond from Crime Mob. They both look like low budget hos. Ne-Yo looks extra fruity and Lil Scappy looks like a fool. With all the said, the party looks very nice and it looks like Ciara had a happy birthday!

Common (aka Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.) performed at the Voodoo Music Experience 2007 Day 3 on Sunday, October 28, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

October 28, 2007

New Music: DJ Redz

Remember DJ Redz from our very first Spotlight artist??? Well UrbanConnection has some new mix tracks just for you. A big thanks goes to DJ Redz for sending me the download link. I'm really feeling all the tracks but my favorite mix is the "Ride Hard" mix featuring Cuzzo. To listen and download these tracks, click the links down below.

DJ Redz Mixx ft Cuzz- Ride Hard

DJ Redz Mixx- I Get Money

DJ Redz Mixx- Like Money

DJ Redz Mixx- Sumthin New

DJ Redz Mixx- Ass Clap

Eve & Scott Storch Celebrate Annabelle Jones's Birth Day

Eve & Scott Storch Celebrated Annabelle Jones's birthday on October 26, 2007 at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach, Flordia. I always laugh every time I see Scott Storch in pictures LOL! He looks like a middle aged woman. There's been gay rumors about Eve for a while now and these pics look friendly but a little suspicious.

Diddy Will Earn Another 100 Million & Jay-Z Is Sued For Discrimination

Sean “Diddy“ announces at a conference his $100M deal with Ciroc Vodka. Also discusses his alleged bar room brawl at an NYC night club last week. Rapper, hip-hop mogul and fashion designer Sean “Diddy” Combs announced at a conference that he is now dabbling in the alcohol business. Combs signed a multi-year partnership with alcohol producer Diageo PLC to promote the company’s Ciroc Vodka. With a 50 percent share of the company’s profits, it is estimated Combs will earn $100 million as part of the deal. He will also be responsible for marketing the brand. However, this was not the only topic of conversation at the conference. According to the New York Daily News, Combs was involved in a shouting match with Steven Acevedo at Kiosk night club in New York early on October 13.

Steven Acevedo claimed that he punched him twice in the face after Diddy expressed interest in his girl-friend, who used to date the rapper. Combs told the press, “It was something that was just totally overblown ... I don't fight over girls! I am a human being. I am going to get into an argument at times, but I didn't punch anybody.” The conflict was blown out of proportion, a lawyer of the artist says, and it was definitely not a criminal act. “We are hopeful that this matter will be resolved without the filing of any criminal charges, as this was a disagreement among acquaintances, not a criminal assault,” the attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said last week in a statement. The conflict will reportedly be settled in court.

Rap mogul Jay-Z and his New York nightclub 40/40 are facing legal action from a woman who alleges she was fired because she was pregnant. Folake Ogundiran, who worked as a sales assistant at the club, has filed a discrimination lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court in which she claims she was told not to turn up for work after telling a female supervisor she was expecting a baby. Ogundiran alleges she was "barred from entering the workplace" when she tried to walk into the venue to work two days later. The suit also says Ogundiran was denied unemployment benefits and that she was fired because her pregnant status would be "inconsistent" with the "young, fashionable, unattached, and sexy" image 40/40 wants to project, reports website TMZ.com. Ogundiran is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. 40/40 spokesperson Ron Berkowitz has dismissed the lawsuit as without merit, claiming it "will likely be dismissed".

Candids: Rihanna Leaving A Store In Barbados

Check out the HQ photos of Rihanna leaving a store in Barbados on October 26, 2007. Hmmmm, I wonder what's in those boxes, maybe some type of food like pie or cake? I see she's rockin' her casual attire but she should know not to wear such a small top with her boobs popping out, especially when she's carrying two boxes that weight a few pounds.

The 102.7 KIIS FM's Homecoming Concert 2007 & Timbaland Performs @ PURE Nightclub

The 102.7 KIIS FM's Homecoming Concert 2007 occured on October 27, 2007 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. There were performances by Timbaland, Keri Hilson, Lloyd, and Nicole Scherzinger. I love Keri's outfit. Nicole's outfit is okay, but her face looks too strong. Either she's aging very quickly or is wearing way too much makeup... or both.

Timbaland perfromed at PURE Nightclub on October 26, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.