August 29, 2007

Get Promoted On UrbanConnection!

UrbanConnection would like to be a urban and black celebrity source and also promote any new and aspiring singers, rappers, producers, or bands/groups. UC is teaming up with domains, record labels, and revamping the whole site. Send your submission to If you have a friend who you think will qualify let he/she know about this opportunity.

Name/Stage Name:



Music Genre:



If your submission is accepted, you will get promoted on UrbanConnection blog. From there, your submission will be sent to Major, Indie, & Indepedant record labels. An urbanconnection domain is also coming soon, but may only post on music artists.

August 9, 2007


I've been very, very, very busy with getting this site up and running and I'm still not done with some pages but it is ready for viewing news, photos and joining the forum. Check out my very own first site of new Dominican singer, Kat DeLuna.

August 6, 2007


Hello everyone. By the hit counter I see I still have visitors and I'm glad you all who are viewing are still sticking with this blog. Right now I've been extremely busy with my first fansite, I've been trying to get the site up and ready before her album that comes out tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get it up by tomorrow, if not, It'll definitely be up during the first week of her album release, 9 lives. Make sure to go cop the album, not download it. Anyway, UrbanConnection will be up and running with a fresh layout in about a week and a half. Stay tuned. In the meantime, support Kat DeLuna's first fansite.