June 30, 2007

Lil Fizz New Video

Although its been a long time since you seen b2k together, you can finally see the former group in Lil Fizz's new Video "Go Hard" Feat Ray Jay.


Ja Rule is own his way back to the scene, with is new album titled, "The Mirror" in stores September 25th. His new single " Uh Oh!" Feat Lil Wayne, he will be shooting a video on July 11th For that single. Ja Rules also said on hot 97, that he is shooting two movies and is working on a third one about his life.
check out the new single "uh oh"



After weeks of logging on to BET.com to cast their vote for the song 50 Cent should perform at the 7th Annual BET Awards, viewers across the country tuned in to the live broadcast Tuesday night with great anticipation. However, fans who chose the eventual winner "Amusement Park," were no doubt surprised that the rapper appeared to skip the entire first verse. So what caused the mishap? The G-Unit head came clean on Wednesday's episode of "106 & Park."

"Everything doesn't quite happen the way you practice it, " 50 said. "I was hit by the aerialist and I was wibbly-wobbling coming down. Twenty-five feet in the air, man, you fall--can't nobody help me with that, you know what I mean?" he explained, referring to the dancers suspended in the air as he descended to the stage from a platform.

After nearly losing his balance, 50 said he lost his focus. "Then by the time you get down, you try and regroup to fight, you got the pyro going off, the music starts, we four bars into the song, you know--I just wasn't concentrating," he added. After landing on his feet, 50 proceeded to walk down into the audience seating area, where he dapped off a few of his industry fans. He said the move was to help him regroup and get the performance back on the right track.

June 29, 2007

New Leaked Tracks: Nelly & Ashanti

New tracks by Nelly & Ashanti have leaked. The new track by Ashanti is titled Switch and features her boo Nelly. This song sounds like everything else that is out right now and is very different than what we are used to hearing from Ashanti. It isn't said whether or not this song is the first single off her 4th album, The Declaration. The album is due in stores October of 2007. Nelly has a new single as well and it's titled Cut It Out. It features Pimp C and Sean Paul of Young Bloodz. His album, The Prelude, will hit stores September 25, 2007. Click the links below to listen to the tracks.

New Music Video: Zion Featuring Akon, The Way She Moves

Beyonce: Copies Kylie Minogue's Performance At The 2007 BET Awards

Some of you may have already found this out, but there is a video on youtube that shows how Beyonce copied one of Kylie Minogue's performances at the 2007 BET Awards. This isn't Beyonce's first time ever stealing someone elses idea from a performance. She also copied pieces from a Britney Spear's performance for her Ring The Alarm performance at the 2006 VMA's. Also, if you saw her Deja Vu performance at the 2006 Fashion Rocks Awards, you would also see that she took a lot of inspiration from Josephine Baker. Beyonce was even accused of stealing Tina Turner's fast energetic dance moves in her Deja Vu performance at the 2006 BET Awards by many bloggers and comments by blog viewers. Damn Beyonce! Everybody already know Beyonce is not original or unique so this video shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

June 27, 2007


Check out some of the photos from the red carpet at the 2007 BET Awards.

June 26, 2007


Check out photos from some of the performances for tonight at the 2007 BET Awards. Unfortunately UC could only get a hold of the tagged photos. Looks really interesting. They were right about surprises because we can expect a perfomance from Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder! Looks like Ne-Yo and Fabolous are doing it big as well. Tune in tonight 8 p.m. to watch the BET Awards. Also, make sure to visit UC from time to time a few hours into the award show to view photos from the red carpet.

Candids: Christina Milian

Check out the pics of Christina Milian visiting Christian Audigier's warehouse, Lareg Vertical. There she was interview by Celebrity Babylon about her new book for teens.

Keyshia Cole & Fabolous: Star In New Film

Keyshia Cole and Fabolous will star in a new feature film to be executive produced by Karl Lagerfeld. Titled “Only the Hood Dies Young,” the story follows a young brother, Jeffrey Green (Fabolous), who gets caught up in the drug game. His love interest will be portrayed by Cole. ”It's a cautionary tale and depicts a generation that's lost,” director Robert Yasim Wright tells Blackfilm.com. “We'll start shooting in the middle of October in South Jamaica, Queens.” Wright also says it was a “blessing” to get Lagerfeld on board.“He loved the story. He said the drug problem is global, and that it's not limited,” says Wright. “In writing the story, I created a situation that explains the behavior as opposed to just the behavior itself. I wanted to explain the behavior of disadvantaged youth.”

June 25, 2007

LL Cool J- New Leaked Diss Track

A new track by LL Cool J has leaked. It features 50 cent, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, and Tony Yayo. In the song, LL disses Jay-Z, L.A. Reid, Usher, and Diddy.

"I don't slide like Usher, I don't make no bands, Ain't a frontin' ass coward, Don't rig Sound Scan. I w
ish Rick and Russell was back I miss the old Def Jam'Cause them new monkeys act like they don't know who I am. The promotion and marketing wasn't worth a damn. Now they on the balls again cause 50 my man?" Click the link below to listen to the track.

Speaking of 50 cent...

The $25,000 a month in child support and household expenses that rapper 50 Cent pays to the mother of his 10-year-old son is not enough, says the boy's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.
The rapper is "worth tens and tens of millions of dollars," said her attorney, Raoul Felder. The parents of young Marquise Jackson are wrangling over the issue in family court in this Long Island community, where 50 Cent arrived Friday in an armored SUV equipped with a satellite dish. 50 Cent no longer needs to worry about the choice he famously expressed on a 2004 album - "Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

"With his G-Unit record label, clothing line, ring tones and other enterprises, 50 Cent - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - reeled in an estimated $33 million in the past year, according to Forbes. He has sold more than 11 million albums and has a new album, "Curtis," due out in September.His lawyer, Brett Kimmel, called Tompkins "insatiable." "Her demands keep escalating," he told the Daily News. Closed-door hearings on the child-support case are scheduled to continue this coming week.

T.I.: Covers Vibe Magazine, New leaked Track, & Punches Ludacris' Manager?

T.I. covers the August issue of Vibe Magazine. Check out the cover and the two scans up above. You can also listen to the new leaked track by T.I. It's called Respect This Hustle. In the beginning of the track, T.I. is arguing back and forth with himself....yea it's a little weird. Click the link below to listen.

In other T.I. news...

On Sunday afternoon (June 24) at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California, T.I. was involved in a brawl nonetheless. During a luncheon held by Kevin Liles of Warner Music Group (parent company of T.I.'s label, Atlantic Records), the MC got into a fight with Ludacris' manager Chaka Zulu. According to witnesses, T.I. punched Zulu in the face and a small, brief melee ensued.The luncheon, called "Make It Happen" (after Liles' book of the same name), was aimed at power brokers and actress Holly Robinson Peete was the guest of honor. Yung Joc, Musiq, Twista, Brandy, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and Omar Epps were in attendance, among others.Ludacris and Zulu are said to have arrived about three hours into the event, with Zulu and Tip's altercation happening shortly after. At press time it was unclear what had sparked the confrontation.

Tiffany Evans Featuring Ciara: First Music Video, Promise Ring

Tiffany Evans is 15 year old new R&B artist who is signed to Colombia Records. Her first album is due in stores August of this year. Check out the first music video of Tiffany Evans' Promise Ring featuring Ciara.

New Music Video: Chris Brown, Wall To Wall

LOL WTF at this new video by Chris Brown? I see Chris brown was inspired by his idol Michael Jackson and some of the horror music videos from the 90's. Anyway, check the video for Chris Brown's first single off his sophomore album, Wall To Wall.

Alicia Keys: Reels In New Film Project

Alicia Keys and her film company Big Pita, Little Pita Productions are about to fry up some “Catfish,” a script written by neophyte scribe Charisse Waugh and acquired at the Tribeca Film Institute's Tribeca All Access, a program designed to pair film execs with filmmakers from underrepresented communities. Keys and her longtime manager/production partner Jeff Robinson were inspired by the “Catfish” screenplay, one of 32 projects unveiled during the

Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, reports Daily Variety. Based on a true story, the script follows a strong-willed black woman who battles a powerful corporation whose greed devastates her small Mississippi hometown. In turn, she spearheads the biggest strike in U.S. history. "When we created Big Pita, Little Pita we envisioned it as a place to champion voices you don't hear every day," Keys said. "Charisse has written a deeply moving script." Keys and Robinson set up their New York-based production company last year, with a first-look deal at Disney.

Foxy Brown: Says She Was Never Jumped

Police in Brooklyn say four women teamed up to mug rapper Foxy Brown early Saturday morning, but the artist swears that the robbery never took place.According to the Associated Press, authorities have arrested 23-year-old Roshawn Anthony, described in reports as a stripper, and charged her with assault in connection with the robbery of a Louis Vuitton bag, $500 in cash and credit cards from Foxy early Saturday. The suspects are rumored to be the female friends of her newly-dumped boyfriend, which may explain why Brown told reporters that no such robbery ever happened, and that she hadn't been at the location police gave, near a public housing complex.

"A lot of the time, people mistake me for someone else, or people always call in these false tips," Brown told the newspaper outside her Brooklyn brownstone Saturday. But according to an updated report from the Daily News, it was Brown who pointed out Anthony to police as her attacker before suddenly refusing to cooperate with authorities. Anthony, Brown and her unidentified boyfriend had just attended a party at the Louis H. Pink Houses, the paper reported. Brown and her boyfriend ended up in his car at 5:30 a.m. in the East New York section of Brooklyn when she decided to dump him after finding out he was a pimp with a criminal record, sources said.

“This ex-boyfriend called some of his women, and they pounced on her,” a police source told the newspaper. “They beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess - and that seems to be what she cared about most." Sources said the women also took off with her hearing aid. Police continue to search for the three others in connection with the assault, as well as Brown's ex-boyfriend. Brown, 27, is currently on probation for assault, and faces a battery charge in a separate case.

June 21, 2007

Wendy Williams VS Tameka Foster

Wendy Williams recently called out Tameka Foster on her radio show over comments Tameka made in Essence Magazine.

Foster told Essence writer Kenya N. Byrd: "Wendy Williams is obsessed with me. I think that is so sexy to have someone talk about me every day, especially when I don't have a CD, demo or TV pilot. I'm just a stylist and designer and if I can be mentioned in the same breath as Diddy, then I must be doing something right. I think she loves me more than she lets on. I need to make her a part of my marketing team." You know Wendy Williams wasn't having that. Wendy was very offended over the comments and told her side of the story while insulting Tameka. Click the link down below to listen.

Kelly Rowland: New Music & Photo

Kelly Rowland's track Ghetto has been leaked several times but was always quickly deleted. The leak is out again and available for listen and download. Just click the link below to listen to this track. Also, check out the new and lovely photo of Kelly in Atlanta Peach Magazine.

New Music Video: Chrisette Michele, If I had My Way

Check out the new music video by Chrisette Michele, If I Had My Way.

New Music: Olivia, Cherry Pop

A new song by Olivia has leaked. It's titled Cherry Pop. It features Missy Elliot. Missy also produced the track. This single is rumored to be the first single off of Olivia's independent album Behind Closed Doors. Click the link below to listen.

Kat DeLuna: First Music Video, Whine Up

Check out the first video for Kat DeLuna's Whine Up.

June 20, 2007

New Music Video: Rihanna, Shut Up & Drive

Check out the new video from Rihanna, Shut Up & Drive.

O.J. Simpson: Passages From Cancelled Book Leaked Online

TMZ.com has gotten its hands on a manuscript of O.J. Simpson’s cancelled book “If I Did It,” where he discusses in “hypothetical terms” how he would have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. TMZ did not disclose how it obtained the manuscript. A judge recently ordered rights to the book to the Goldman family as part of their overall effort to collect on a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson..

This crazy ass man. Who in their right mind, who was sane, would ever be so psycho to write a book about how he would kill his own loving wife and a friend? Man we already know you got away with murder and the case is over so you should've just flat out came out with the truth or kept your mouth shut. You can read the leaked crazy ass passages from the book down below.

I'm going to tell you a story you've never heard before, because no one knows this story the way I know it. It takes place on the night June 12, 1994, and it concerns the murder of my ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her young friend, Ronald Goldman. I want you to forget everything you think you know about that night because I know the facts better than anyone. I know the players. I've seen the evidence. I've heard the theories. And, of course, I've read all the stories: That I did it. That I did it but I don't know I did it. That I can no longer tell fact from fiction. That I wake up in the middle of the night, consumed by guilt, screaming

I looked over at Goldman, and I was fuming. I guess he thought I was going to hit him, because he got into his little karate stance. "What the f**k is that?" I said. "You think you can take me with your karate sh**?" He started circling me, bobbing and weaving, and if I hadn't been so f**king angry I would have laughed in his face. "O.J., come on!" It was Charlie again, pleading. Nicole moaned, regaining consciousness. She stirred on the ground and opened her eyes and looked at me, but it didn't seem like anything was registering. Charlie walked over and planted himself in front of me blocking my view. "We are f**king done here, man-let's go

I noticed the knife in Charlie's hand, and in one deft move I removed my right glove and snatched it up. "We're not going anywhere," I said, turning to face Goldman. Goldman was still circling me, bobbing and weaving, but I didn't feel like laughing anymore. "You think you're tough, motherf**ker?" I said. I could hear Charlie just behind me, saying something, urging me to get the f**k out of there, and at one point he even reached for me and tried to drag me away, but I shook him off, hard, and moved toward Goldman. "Okay, motherf**ker!" I said. "Show me how tough you are!"

Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can't tell you exactly how. I was still standing in Nicole's courtyard, of course, but for a few moments I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there, when I'd arrived, or even why I was there. Then it came back to me, very slowly: The recital-with little Sydney up on stage, dancing her little heart out; me, chipping balls into my neighbor's yard; Paula, angry, not answering her phone; Charlie, stopping by the house to tell me some more ugly s**t about Nicole's behavior. Then what? The short, quick drive from Rockingham to the Bundy condo. And now?

Now I was standing in Nicole's courtyard, in the dark, listening to the loud, rhythmic, accelerated beating of my own heart. I put my left hand to my heart and my shirt felt strangely wet. I looked down at myself. For several moments, I couldn't get my mind around what I was seeing. The whole front of me was covered in blood, but it didn't compute. Is this really blood? I wondered. And whose blood is it? Is it mine? Am I hurt?

A.C. drove another half-mile or so and pulled into an orange grove, where no one could spot us, not even from the sky. He got out to take a leak, and the moment he left the Bronco I reached for my grip. I unzipped it and pulled out the Magnum. I was in tremendous pain, and I saw nothing but more pain ahead of me, and I decided to end it. “I realized, I can make this stop. One shot to the flicking [sic] head and it's over.”

Shar Jackson: Hires Lawyer For Tabloid In Star Magazine

Asking Shar Jackson if she’s really carrying a third baby by ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline is one thing. Asking her kids, however, is a no-no that brings her dwindling patience with the rumor to a screeching halt. The actress and current host of ABC’s “Ex-Wives Club” has hired a lawyer in her battle with Star magazine, which printed a story claiming Jackson and her ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline are expecting. Jackson has been denying the reports ever since it was published. But she tells TMZ.com that her children are now being bombarded with questions about the rumor.

"When my kids hear things at school and then ask me if they are getting a new brother or sister, I have to put my foot down," Shar told TMZ through her rep. The Web site also reports of Shar’s willingness to supply Star magazine editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller with her pregnancy test, which she says will prove once and for all that she is not with child. Shar tells Fuller: "I stand by my truth by offering you an EPT test if you stand by yours and reveal your 'source' to me."

June 19, 2007

Ne-Yo: Do You Remix Featuring Mary J Blige

The remix for Ne-Yo's Do You has leaked. It features Mary J Blige. Their voices blend very well on this track. Click the link below to listen.

Alicia Keys: In The Studio Recording Superwoman

Alicia Keys is hard at work with her third album that is due out in the fall. Check out the video below of her working in the studio.

D.L. Hughley: Agrees With Some Of Don Imus' Comment With Jay Leno

He didn’t agree that they were “hoes,” but comedian D.L. Hughley said to Jay Leno during a recent “Tonight Show” visit “there were some nappy headed women on that [Rutgers women’s basketball] team.” The comment prompted black leaders in Texas to protest his recent stand-up gig in Fort Worth."It's not only that comment, he has a history of demeaning our community in such a way that it's not funny anymore," said Pastor Kyev Tatum of Servant House Baptist Church, according to Fort Worth’s CBS 11 News.

Tatum joined a number or local black ministers, community leaders and local citizens to protest Hughley’s appearance Saturday at a Juneteenth show at Bass Hall. Not only did Hughley say the team members were “nappy headed,” but he also referred to them as “some of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen in my whole life.” [See clip below.] Hughley, whose NBC series “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” was cancelled, has responded to community outrage in a statement released to the media.
He said:

"I believe that freedom of speech is a zero-sum proposition. Too many times I have watched clowns like these pretend to speak for the masses. I can only speak for me. Isn't there a child you can help teach to read, a war to help stop, an unjustly accused man you can help out of jail? I will not apologize for telling a joke about the world as I see it."

Why is it that black people are the main one's who have problems in our community? I'm getting sick n tired of our own black men degrading our own black women and acting like it's cool. But they praise bi-racial, latina and asian women?

June 15, 2007

Rihanna: In US Weekly & Album Sales

Rihanna is everywhere now-a-days. That's how it is when you're hot at the moment. Check out these photos from this month's issue of US Weekly Magazine. In other Rihanna news, her album Good Girl Gone Bad landed at the number 2 spot on the Billboard charts right behind T-Pain's album Epiphany which went to number 1. Good Girl Gone Bad sold 162, 000 units in the first week.

New Leaked Tracks

With rumors going around that they have broken up, it was a little hard to believe that Blaque had actually recorded this track recently. It's titled Blue Jeans. It sounds a little dated but I guess their style of music is still from the 90's and early 00's. Click the link below to listen to this track and other new leaked tracks.

Fabolous: Escapes Illegal Weapon Charges

Rap star Fabolous will not be charged with possession of illegal weapons after prosecutors were unable to prove that he and three co-defendants owned two loaded handguns found in a car in which they were riding. A judge on Thursday dismissed the charges, which led to an overnight stay in jail for the Brooklyn MC last October. "He's more relieved than happy," Fabolous’ lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, said Thursday. "He should never have been here in the first place."

The artist, whose real name is John Jackson, was arrested on Oct. 17 after being hospitalized for a minor gunshot wound following an incident at Justin's, a Manhattan restaurant and club owned by Sean "Diddy" Combs. After someone snatched a $50,000 chain off the neck of then-Boston Celtics point guard Sebastian Telfair, gunfire broke out in a parking lot near the restaurant and Fabolous was hit in the right thigh.

He managed to escape the scene with three other men in a Dodge Magnum sport utility vehicle. While he was being treated at a hospital, police searched the vehicle and found two handguns, a .40 caliber and .380 caliber semiautomatic. Neither gun was registered and police said the serial number on the .380 had been scratched off. "There were four guys in the car," Ebanks explained. "My client jumped in the back seat of the car after he was shot. It was not the car he came to the club in."

Foxy Brown: Has Probation Restored

Faced with jail time for violating her probation, rapper Foxy Brown escaped a Paris Hilton-style fate on Thursday after a judge restored her probation in good standing stemming from an assault case. "I'm going to restore her to probation," Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson said despite objections from a Probation Department lawyer. "There's no necessity for the court to monitor her."

Over the past two months, Brown, born Inga Marchand, has kept up appointments with her probation officer, sought permission before leaving the state, passed her drug tests and attended required classes for anger management, reports the Associated Press. "I see a positive probation report here," Jackson told Brown. "It was a real struggle to get you onboard. I want to see you finish this sentence and go on to a happy life." Sporting a brown-and-turquoise sundress and taupe stiletto heels, the Brooklyn artist smiled and thanked the judge. Attorney Mathilda Leo of the Probation Department tried to argue that Brown’s attitude took two months to improve. She suggested the judge wait another two months before restoring Brown to probation.

Brown had been on three years' probation stemming from an Aug. 29, 2004, incident in which she attacked two manicurists at a Chelsea nail salon over payment. Her misdemeanor assault plea deal included a requirement that she get permission from her probation officer before leaving the state. But Brown violated her probation when she went to Florida where she was arrested Feb. 15 for allegedly throwing hair glue at a beauty shop employee when he asked her to leave because the shop was closing. She later struggled with a police officer. The judge could have placed her behind bars for up to a year for violating probation with the Florida trip. She was charged in that incident with battery and resisting an officer with violence. She was released after posting a $1,500 bond.

June 14, 2007

Akon: Releases Apology Song

Akon has written and recorded a song that addresses the fallout surrounding his on-stage simulated sex acts with a 14-year-old girl in Trinidad.“As life goes on, I start to learn more and more about responsibility,” he says in the intro to “Put the Blame On Me,” which was leaked to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Los Angeles station KIIS-FM. (Listen to the track here.) “I realize that everything I do is affecting the people around me,” he continues. “So I want to take this time out to apologize for things that I’ve done; things that haven’t occurred yet; things they don’t want to take responsibility for.”

Akon later apologizes to his former tour partner Gwen Stefani, who was affected when Verizon pulled out as a sponsor due to his antics in Trinidad. He sings “Sorry for the hand that she was dealt, for the embarrassment that she felt.” The Senegalese singer also addresses the forces that allowed the girl into a club for grown folks. He sings: “Just a little young girl trying to have fun/Daddy should’ve never let her out that young/Sorry for clubs and getting shut down/I hope they manage better next time around/How was I to know she was underage/in a 21-and-older club they say.” There was no mention of the teen boy he allegedly flung into the crowd during a recent concert in Fishkill, NY.

Gwen must have still been mad at his ass! Oh and, where's the apology for the little 15 year old white boy he threw off stage huh?

June 13, 2007

UrbanConnection 10,000+ Views!

Hello everyone viewing UC. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who views UrbanConnection. We are now at 10,000+ VIEWS! That's wonderful because I try so hard to promote the site and now it's paying off. I also try very hard to update the site with the latest news. Jayman updates the site from time to time when he has time LOL. Just keep on visiting the site and help make UrbanConnection one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Also, don't forget to visit UrbanConnection's myspace http://www.myspace.com/urbanconnectionsupport and save us as a friend. The myspace link is available on the side bar.


Ne-Yo: Credits Gay Rumors For His Success

R&B singer Ne-Yo isn't angered by rumors about his sexuality - he credits the false whispers for making him a household name, informs Starpulse magazine. The So Sick hit maker - real name Shaffer Chimere Smith - was a constant source of speculation last year when online reports suggested the 24-year-old was gay. But Ne-Yo, who was briefly married when he was 19, insists there is no truth in the rumors and blames the speculation on his tendancy to keep the private life out of the spotlight. He tells Vibe Magazine, "For one, I'm an R&B singer, so that's one strike against me anyway. I've never been the thuggish dude. This is the way I look at it now. For one, you're nobody 'til they think you're gay - that's the truth of the business. Two? You really gotta take the good with the bad. "

T.I. I Should've Won That Grammy, Not Luda

Looks like T.I. is stirring up beef again with his old enemy Ludacris. Just a few years ago these two had a litttle beef that was quickly ended. The rapper thinks that he should have won for best rap album, and not Ludacris, who took home the prize with his hit record, "Release Therapy."

"I had the album of the year whether I won a Grammy for it or not," T.I. said. "I think numbers show that. I think that if you go out to anybody on the streets and ask them, they'll tell you." "I think that it's a no-brainer. You ask him [Ludacris], he'll probably tell you the same thing. Come on, man, who in hip-hop doesn't know that? If you a supporter of hip-hop, who doesn't know that 'King' is the only platinum album that dropped last year... that was platinum by the time the New Year's bell rung? At 12:01, January 1, 2007, who had the hottest album of the year? I think it's unanimous."

Unlike Luda, T.I. can reach platinum status without having commercial hit after commercial hit. Who's album was lyrically better?

R.I.P. Stack Bundles

According to various reports, New York-based rapper Stack Bundles-- an affiliate of Jim Jones' Byrd Gang Records (and Lupe Fiasco's 1st & 15th imprint, briefly)-- was shot and killed Monday morning outside his home after a night out. The assailant has not been caught and the motive is not yet known, although items were stolen from the victim.Bundles, whose past credits include tracks with Big Apple staples Fabolous and DJ Clue, has been featured on a number of recent mixtapes, including his own My Life Is Like a Movie. Born Rayquon Elliot, the rapper was only 24 years old at the time of Monday's shooting.

Jim Jones issued the following statement on Stack's passing via the former's MySpace:"Where do we begin? The Dipset/ByrdGang family is deeply saddened by our loss. Not only did we lose a member but we lost a brother and a friend. Rayquon Elliot a.k.a Stack Bundles was a joy to be around, charming, very intelligent, compassionate and concerned about the upliftment and enrichment of his community and the people in it. Unfortunately his goals and aspirations were cut short by the hands of dream stealers. We can not stress enough that a young star's light was put out before he had a chance to shine in front of the world. We would like this to be a lesson to the rap game... too many of our talented artist are losing the battle of life before their voices have a chance to be heard. Something must change..."

Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Season 2 & New Album Info

The second season of BET’s reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” will begin airing this fall with episodes showing the making of her sophomore album “Just Like You,” tentatively due on Sept. 18.Next week, Benny Boom will shoot a video for the first single, “Let It Go,” featuring cameos from guest artists Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim.Cole and her manager, Manny Halley, are serving as executive producers for the second season of “The Way It Is,” which will also focus on Cole's mother's recent release from prison. The Bay area native’s debut album, also titled "The Way It Is," has sold 1.4 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The breakout hit "Love" peaked at No. 3 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

We can also expect another album from Keyshia this fall. It's scheduled to be released September 18, 2007 and is titled Just Like You. The video for the first single Let It Go will be shot and directed by Benny Boom next weak. Click the link below to listen to Let It Go. It features Missy Elliot and Lil Kim.

June 12, 2007

Ciara: In Touch Magazine

Check out the magazine scans of Ciara in this month's issue of Touch Magazine.