May 31, 2007

Rihanna: In Giant Magazine

Wow, Rihanna shows how she's really turned good girl gone bad in the June/July issue of Giant Magazine. I guess she has to keep the naughty girl image to make up for her bad talent. Only part of the interview was released, thus far. Read the interview below.

Though she’s a pop princess and bona fide Cover Girl, Rihanna is just like the girl next door. Earthy and hilarious, she’s a jubilant 19-year-old who cracks jokes, pulls pranks and keeps it real, no matter what the questions are.

On being a “bad” girl…

<"The last bad thing I did was yesterday in my video for “Umbrella.” We shot the video yesterday. The last shot of the last day, I got all painted in silver, almost butt naked (she whispers). That was one of the scenes in the video. I felt liberated. I felt free and I felt like I was a “good girl gone bad.” It was a pretty cool thing to do. I never thought that in a million years I would paint myself up to my nostrils in silver and do a video. It was fantastic. It was one of my favorite scenes in the entire video.”

On her favorite reggae…

“Of course Bob Marley. I love Sean Paul. I love Beenie Man. Bounty Killer is still one of my favorites. Vybz Kartel. “Redemption Song” is my all time favorite. I actually perform that song when I went on world tour with Jay-Z. I performed that song the entire tour, every night, and in Africa they really, really loved it. They put all their lighters up and they were singing. It was such an experience! It felt so good. I love performing that song. I just sit on a stool and sing it like nobody’s business.”

On ugly days…“

Every woman has a fat day. Every woman has an ugly day. Every woman has a day when they ask where did these five pimples come from all of a sudden? I only went to sleep last night with a clean face. I hate those days.”On growing a booty…“I had a hard time finding jeans because I was always too skinny and too tall. When you’re skinny you have to buy them small. When they’re too small they’re too short. That’s why I forced myself to put weight on. I started eating like crazy when I was a teenager. I was like Mom I’m too skinny. I want to get fat! And finally I filled out a little bit. I got a little butt. I got a little hips. And I felt great! Let me do it now! Now I find jeans!"

On winding…

“There was the bogle that everybody knows. The butterfly. A lot of our dances in Barbados are influenced by Jamaica. We also have this thing called a wuk-up. But it really is a wind in double time. It’s fast. We dance to everything like that. No matter what song it is, it’s automatic for us to move our waist to everything.”

On why the Jay-Z relationship rumor…

“I guess it’s just the affiliation with him. Being a female and being on his label and having a close business relationship. I guess that sparks the rumors. I’m guessing. Because there’s no other way. At first it was funny, like Ah this is so funny! Why would they think this? Really? Ew. Then it was like they’re still talking about this? This is getting a little frustrating now. Can they cut this out? Because it got really intense where people just weren’t letting up. Then it turned into a “beef” between me and Beyonce. I was like where are these people going with this? This is crazy.”

May 30, 2007

Nelly Furtado: Speaks About Beef With Fergie

Nelly Furtado has spoken about her beef with Fergie in an article, but has yet to speak about it in an interview... until now. Nelly Furtado keeps in real in the radio interview below.

Rihanna: Candids In Paris

Check out photos of Rihanna in leaving a hotel in Paris. Rihanna has also been in Prague shooting a US $600, 000 Def-Jam financed music video of her next single, Shut Up And Drive.

Rihanna's retail album, Good Girl Gone Bad, has leaked. Before you can buy it in stores or if you just want to download it, click the link below.

May 28, 2007

Chamillionaire: Shares Stage With Underground Rapper, C-Tru

Chamillionaire is no stranger to the dream of making it big. He rose from being a Houston mixtape king to become a Grammy-winning artist for Best Rap Performance of "Ridin,'" only one year after releasing his first major label album, The Sound of Revenge. Chamillionaire, now prepping for the release of his encore album Ultimate Victory, has brought the dream of making it big a little closer for San Francisco's C-Tru. "Meeting Chamillionaire and spending time with an artist who's out there telling the truth through his music, just like I am, is an opportunity of a lifetime," C-Tru said. "Energizer's support and respect for the music scene made this happen. I'm truly grateful." C-Tru emerged from the underground to share the stage with rap star Chamillionaire and the brand icon Energizer Bunny® at the DUB® Magazine's 2007 Custom Auto Show and Concert -- the world's largest custom auto show and concert tour.

Energizer sponsored the Energizer® e2® Titanium Technology® Freestylin' Music Contest to build awareness for its Energizer e2 Titanium Technology battery among music listeners. Music fans can catch Energizer e2 Titanium Technology as it dedicates its summer to the punk rock scene on the road with Van's Warped Tour. For upcoming music contests from Energizer e2 Titanium check out

TGT: Tyrese, Ginuwine, And Tank Form R&B Group

Shawnna, Jacki-O, and Remy Ma wanted to try it but it didn't work out, Omarian and Bow Wow are teaming up, now this? Are these music artists' careers that much in the dump?Read the artile below.

Introducing LSG for a new generation. Just as Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill joined forces in 1997 to form a supergroup, so are current R&B crooners Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. TGT, as they are calling themselves, is currently working on a studio album, and plans to hold “American Idol”-style auditions to find a fourth member. The trio is also set to hit the road this fall for The Shirts Off Tour, which is scheduled to touch down in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami.

"With all the support our fans have given us individually over the years for our distinct signature styles, collectively we felt our fans deserved to hear great music in a way that they could never have imagined," Tyrese said, according to reports. "I've known these guys for years and they truly are like brothers, so it only felt right to come together as a trio to make history."
Tank & Ginuwine. Calling the group "a dream come true," Ginuwine added: "Basically the world of R&B needed a change, and there were only a few chosen that could do it, R&B needed a pick up, R&B needed TGT." A preview of TGT can be heard on the remix to Tank's current single "Please Don't Go."

Ciara: Stars In Mama, I want To Sing!

Variety reports that Grammy Award-winning singer Ciara and veteran soul singer Patti LaBelle will star in CodeBlack Entertainment's adaptation of Off-Broadway gospel musical "Mama, I Want to Sing!" Scheduled for theatrical release next February, "Mama, I Want to Sing!" will start production next month in Baton Rouge, LA. "Mama" will be written and directed by Charles Randolph-Wright (Preaching to the Choir), and produced by Codeblack’s Jeff Clanagan, as well as Marvet Britto (The Woodsman) and Holly Davis Carter (The Gospel).

This is the first feature role for Ciara, who will play the lead."Mama, I Want to Sing!" is based on the life story of Doris Troy, a preacher’s daughter who sang in a Church Choir before being discovered by James Brown. Her successful recording career included the hit “Just One Look” and work with the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, George Harrison, and Dusty Springfield.

May 25, 2007


It’s been a busy week for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. At the BET Awards press conference Jackson sounded like he was creating yet another hip-hop beef when he was asked about Master P. Responding to a question about changing his lyrical content as Master P had promised to do, 50 quipped, “Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore. You can tell him I said it, the cameras is rolling right? Curtis, June 26."

Today, that June 26th release date was pushed back to September 11 to appease 50’s international fans, Jackson says, though blog chatter has speculated that it’s more likely due to the lukewarm reception to his first two singles “Amusement Park” and “Straight to the Bank.”

Eve: New Video, Tambourine

May 20, 2007

UC Presents: Kat DeLuna, A New Artist Of 2007

Finally! 2007 has a new R&B/Pop artist who's here to deliver quite a talent. Kat DeLuna is a 19 year old multi-talented female who's ready to become a successful international artist. She was born in the Bronx but raised in the Dominican Republic. Kat DeLuna is also bi-lingual and plans to use her Spanish and English to her advantage, in her songs. She's just stepped into the music scene and already has veterans such as R. Kelly calling her a “prodigy.” This summer, Kat DeLuna’s debut album, 9 Lives, will be released on GMB Music Group/Epic Records. The first single off the album is Whine Up and features Elephant man. Click the links below to listen to the tracks in both English and Spanish. Also, visit her official myspace at and official site,

May 18, 2007

New Video: Lumidee Featuring Pitbull Crazy

Lumidee really stepped her game up this year with her image, music, and videos. Check out her hot new video, Crazy featuring Pitbull.

New Leaked Tracks: J-Hud, Chili, Cassie, & Brooke Valentine

A new track by Jennifer Hudson has leaked and it's titled Special and features Papoose. Miss Hudson is known for her soulful and powerful voice, but it sounds like it's overshawdowing the beat of the song.
Jennifer Hudson- Special

More new music from solo artists Chili has leaked and it sounds like she's going for a more trendy sound in this song. It's titled Gliding. The beat and Chili's voice sounds Ciara inspired. Straight Jack Em sounded like she trying something that was catchy but a little different than what's out right now.


Looks like Cassie is still trying to pursue a music career. This new track of hers, Sometimes, sounds like it was a recorded track from her album Cassie that didn't make the cut.
Cassie- Sometimes

Brooke Valentine still hasn't had the chance to release her sophomore album. Looks like all we'll be getting from this girl at this moment is leaked tracks. Listen to her new track down below

Mike Jones & 50 Cent

Yesterday, May 17, 2007, 50 cent made an appearance on TRL while Mike Joins visited 106 & Park. Check out the photos above.

May 16, 2007

Rihanna: In Essence Magazine

Rihanna was featured in this month's issue of Essence magazine. Below is the article from the magazine.

As her third album hits stores, pop princess and Jay-Z protégée Rihanna takes a breather in her native Barbados. Her easy, elegant summer style takes its cue from Bajan rhythms and azure waves. Let it flow. For Robyn Rihanna Fenty, it seems as if it were just the other day when she was strolling about, barefoot, in her family's backyard in St. Michael, Barbados. But a quick tally of her recent successes—the debut single "Pon De Replay," the most downloaded song of 2005; her debut gold album, Music of the Sun; the platinum follow-up, A Girl Like Me with the hit "SOS"-reveals that it has actually been two and a half years since Rihanna has enjoyed the easy pace of island life. She hasn't slowed down since February 2005, when she auditioned for and signed with Def Jam Recordings.

Candids: Meagan Good

Check out some photos of Meagan Good arriving at the King Magazine Party held at the 40/40 Club on May, 16, 2007.

May 15, 2007

Lil Mama & Ne-Yo: Visit 106 & Park

Yesterday, May 14, 2007, Lil Mama and Ne-Yo visited 106th & Park. Lil Mama performed her song Lipgloss. Check out some photos from the set.

Mya & Kelly Rowland: 2007 Fashion Cares

Check out photos of Mya and Kelly Rowland at the 2007 Fashion Cares event in Toronto, Canada from May 12, 2007. Both singers performed at the event.

May 14, 2007

Banner's Toon

Rapper David Banner steps into the world of animation this weekend when his cartoon "That Crook'd Sipp," debuts on the Cartoon Network on May 13. The cartoon is loosely based on Banner's life growing up in Mississippi and focuses on a white family called The Beauregards, whose mindset is still stuck in the 1800s. Banner plays Virgil, a successful restaurant owner who also has a rap group named the Sweet Tea Monsters. "I actually think Mississippi is one of the best states as far as race relations is concerned, because Mississippi is more honest about how they feel about each other," Banner said in a statement. "If white folks like you, they really like you and will die for you. If they don't like you, well that's a different story."